Arcade Edition V 2013 - Sakura Changes?



^ that would be interesting


um if you want some things changed you can join this petition if you want. Most people just want more stages and costumes to keep the game fresh in the next update.


Late post is late.

I still want her ex srk to get all the hits when correctly reading a fireball. Too often I get 2 hits, and the rest are blocked while i go flying.

But I don’t think there will be a 2013 version if it hasn’t been announced this late in the year.


i would say a nerf to j.hp like you mentioned and probably remove some of those unblockables… unblockables or “hard to blockables” shouldnt really be in this game imo
not too sure on her cr.hp though, she’s a great character apart from all that


Why would you nerf her j.hp or c.hp.
There’s no reason for any character to get nerfed anti-airs.


Sam basically doesn’t use her anymore so goes around bitching about her now and thinks she’s broken (y)
And also for the 50/50 and unblockables… it isn’t a Sakura only thing, most characters in the game have them, its a problem with the game engine and would require a complete overhaul of the game for them to be removed so sorry man :’(


wait wait wait… when the heck did i say she’s broken? when the heck did i say i hated her? man you guys take opinions waay too far
also i should have just said unblockables in general but that would be like you said need a entire overhaul


then your comment is basically useless as is this one lol


fair enough!


She’s fine where she is. Nerf Cammy.


Cammy is fine, as well. Balance is amazing in this game.

If you insist on rebalancing, they should buff characters, not nerf.


Yeah this game is really balanced… all I’d do for Cammy is slightly reduce frame advantage on some of her moves…


Remove every unblockable and 50/50 in this game.



I was just thinking about unblockables today, and I don’t really understand why everyone wants them gone. Yeah, they can create some silly situations, but I’ve never actually seen a sequence that I’d deem “game-breaking”. Even the characters with supposedly bad wake-ups still have a few options between dash, focus dash, EX whatever… and you still gotta get that knockdown in the first place. I’m sure some of you guys know about the ST Hawk loop, maybe even the GGX Johnny loop. Those look stupid as hell, but neither of those characters are considered the best in their respective games, let alone broken.

Unblockables are gonna eventually evolve to the point where people know the escapes, and it will just become another mind game. Do I do this escape and take the OS hit for marginal damage? Or do I just try to block knowing their particular setup is very difficult? Or just learn the timing, because it’s no harder than a 1 frame punish. So yeah, imo the jury is still out on the unblockables. Who knows, they might even improve the game in some unforeseen ways.

I remember when the Japanese came over with RC tech in CVS2, and it blew everyone’s mind, because the execution wasn’t considered practical at the time. Quite a few people weren’t sure whether it was game-breaking or not, but ultimately, many players felt that it improved character diversity, in essence giving everyone a very strong tool and evening the playing field. It didn’t help groove or (imo) playstyle diversity, but all the kids seem to remember CVS2 fondly lol.


I don’t think they’re game breaking (although a ryu player who just got knocked down by an ibuki with two bars might say otherwise), i just think they’re dumb. Most have escapes, but almost none have complete escapes it seems (as in if the player doing the unblockable has his OSs and his reactions down, then you’re taking damage one way or another). And anyways, this game is already so saturated with necessary matchup knowledge, i don’t feel that it improves the game to have all this new defensive tech for everyone to learn (i.e. escapes, block timing… Which is much harder than one frame punishes imo)

That being said i don’t mind them much and don’t really see the necessity of a patch or anything. But i would rather they not exist.

Oh… And i’m certainly not above using them or anything :wink:


I agree with athotex.
It improves high level play because these people will go out of their way to actually learn about the unblockables and deal with them and it makes it really interesting to see how they deal with it, for example Infiltration used cr.MK on wake up to avoid a Sakura setup vs HumanBomb… hardly anyone noticed it but I thought it was sheer genius.
And at low level play people won’t be using them that much anyway… they’ll either be too lazy to learn them by heart or they’ll never find the character to even do it on (in Sakura’s case anyway… she has no unblockables against characters that are actually USED ¬___¬) so it doesn’t matter.
People just whine about it because they can’t be bothered using them or are too lazy to learn how to fight against it.
It is broken but its part of the game now and makes it more interesting.
Instead of whining they should just deal with it and find ways around it…
Besides it seems like everyone has god damn unblockables off of just throws/sweeps whereas Sak has most of them in the corner after otoshi setup…
Also hate how commentators these days (I’m looking at you Gems Chen) go around spewing EVERYTHING that isn’t blocked is an unblockable… Jesus christ I want to punch some of these guys @_@
Don’t do their research and they consider themselves commentators… the hell man xD

On a side note, I find it funny how more people have started using Sakura claiming she’s broken yet they lose with her (y)


They’re dumb and should go, mixups should be revolved around actually mixing up your opponent for damage, not getting guaranteed damage in some form.


That’s just a perception thing, I think. Whether they’re dumb or bad, I’m not sure I have an opinion. But many unblockable situations DO involve mixups, and guaranteed damage is fine by me haha. It’s like… a super awesome extended combo =D.


If there is a patch my money is on nerfing her overall damage especially on her tatsu loop, or just increase the push back. but there is no update coming so high hopes is in order


best thing all day