arcade etiquette...

hey, first post, woo


having heard my nearest arcade is due sfiv soon, i wanted to ask a question about arcade etiquette lol

if for instance i wanted to play sfiv arcade mode, and the machines wernt linked so the only way i could play against someone is if they challenge me on the same machine…is it ok for me to say “please dont do that, i want to play the arcade mode”

because to be honest, i rarely go arcades, but i like to play when i do go, i dont want my play wasted by getting beaten up by some guy who probably plays in arcades often

Nope, if you play and someone comes too bad you play them. Also DON’T FREAKING PUT YOUR COINS UP IN THE MIDDLE OF A MATCH, it’s so damn rude. Wait til the round ends please

:lol: thats truth right there i know the feeling when you just want to try things out etc but its open to everyone and everyones not on your schedule so its put up or shut up. theres been times when dudes tried to ask me that or got cocky bout it only to lose or still have to play me cuz i didnt care. deal with it.

really being challenged randomly is my favorite thing about arcades. though if you want to play without being bothered try getting there early or going during weird hours

yeah, agreed with gert11 thats what make the arcades fun. If you want some alone time then go at times where you know there wont be many people around.

Funny that in my case I’m hoping for more people to come play since the number of sf4 players at my arcades are not that big, sure there are regulars who come every night or so but yeah its always nice to have more people at the arcades… Living 2 minutes away from the place doesnt help at all. XD

camp outside until it opens and guard the machine with your life.

If you want next don’t put your dollar on the control panel, find a place to stick it up on the monitor, sometimes crazy people move their hands and knock down the coins.

Also wait till the round ends to get next nothing sucks worse than having a coin being put up in your peripheral vision while you playing

… can SFIV even do Vs without being linked? I’ve heard no.


where is your location johnny?

I recommend not putting coins in a coin line. 1) people cant tell who is who, and 2) some sheisty assholes might steal your money (happened to me once at DDR) so use something small that will do the same purpose like a famous/rare arcade token, guitar pick, business card etc.

In Japan there are no coinlines, just polite nods.

Also, if you’re not in a match please try to show some dignity. This ISN’T Marvel, this isn’t an Evo Money Match so if you’re going to talk about the game at hand don’t yell into the guy whose playings ear.

Don’t cry if you don’t get a chance to play the computer, that won’t teach you anything anyway.

Don’t put drinks on the game unless they’re TIGHTLY CAPPED after you drink. YOU don’t want to destroy a 40,000 dollar Viewlix cabinet AND have the SFIV machine out of order until they get a new one (which, in this day of arcades isn’t a given) do you?

If you’re going to eat french fries and disgusting shit atleast wipe your hands on your pants before playing. Keep your lubed up joystick antics at home.

SHOWER. PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD SHOWER AND WEAR DEODORANT. Scrub didn’t come from JUST the fact that most new players suck and over-rate themselves, most of them STANK too.

I think etiquette in arcades is dependent on where you play. In socal, people put quarters down in the middle of matches all the time. I’d say the only universal things are…

[]Don’t talk shit you can’t back up, or just don’t talk shit
]Don’t whine about being challenged (that’s the point of arcades :wink:)

Knew this dude that hung around a game store where we did tournaments at the fucking asshole smelled like shit every time we were around him, guess he liked shitting his pants all the time.

Grits’N’Gravy and pherai, good points. I’ve never been to an Arcade prior to Funland (RIP) in Toronto and Pacific Mall so a thread like this would of done me good. Although most of the points are common sense it’s good to have a reference.


i think every arcade has at least one of these guys

ours was “trenchcoat dan”

Also how popular is the arcade? Most of the time if you go to an arcade in an off peak time you can get in some practice since not as many people would be playing.

Don’t cry cheap. I hate people who do.

We called him “Juicy”

Over here in hawaii we usually just crowd around and acknowledge who goes next. Most people are pretty chill like that here. There are always jack asses that cut but they’re pretty rare. I think its pretty common knowledge to atleast acknowledge your opponent after the match, especially if it WAS a good game. Always hate the people who whip people’s ass and don’t even give a hand shake.

Those are about the only real “rules” we have here.



That’s pretty much how it was where I grew up too. We had a mental line, but we didn’t line up anything. Even when crowded with 15+ people it wasn’t bad, people generally had each other’s backs.