Arcade fighting games should be

ONLINE!!! Pay whatever to play the game, pay extra quarters to access the online service and play against other players playing on arcades from accross the nation! Great idea, huh? Discuss!! :rofl:

grabs popcorn

This should be good

Lurk moar, etc. I’m getting bored of my usual lines…

^Let me show you my pokemans?

Wouldn’t that be like an oxymoron and defeat the purpose of going to the arcade in the first place. Call me crazy, I dunno.

Unless they find a way of making online play 100% lag free, it wouldn’t be a good idea. Lag in fighting games is the devil.

Hey I’ve got a good idea, flying cars! No more traffic, get everywhere faster! Discuss!

Pm Me your address so I CAN COME OVER AND RAPE YOU.Im serious there are 6 vains I see breathing on my dick,and I sense pain.

Oh, you mean like UMK3 Wavenet.

Thread Fails



But… why do they still have traffic jams in Jetsons?

Hey, what would you be willing to trade for the flying car? :rofl:

Arcade fighting games should be… ported to consoles faster!

What do you mean? :wonder:

Say some german scientist comes up to you and he says “I have invented the flying car, i will give it to you on one condition”.

Well, whats the condition?

Hes not gunna tell ya.

Then its no deal.

The guy is offering you the flying car!

Yeah, but there is obviously a catch.