Arcade Fightstick Horror Stories T_T


Been thinking a lot about making this thread, because boy do I have one to tell.

First off this happened with my very first stick I ever bought, got it from GameStop online about a few weeks after I first picked up SSF4 and before I even knew about SRK or the TO. Well it got here and it was great, looked nice and “new” but I wasn’t a fan of the art work on it, so ordered a plexi from Art, new red buttons and balltop and I was satisfied that is was a little bit more “me”. But then after a while I thought “Hey I should pain the case and make it even more customized”, so I prepped it up sanded it and all and painted it.

Unfortunately after using it and having it around the house and a nephew that liked to mess with it, it got a little dinged up and paint got scratched up, and well it just didn’t look so great. So I figured I’d re-do it, so I went to the store bought some paint remover and got to work, while removing the paint I noticed it was actually “melting” the shell and that just ended up creating deep scratches and other marks on it. So I came to the conclusion that my stick now looked like ass, I ended up gutting the whole thing took it to the back yard, and let’s just say the case got the meaner end of an axe. =( The Wiring and such was then sold through here on SRK, here’s the kicker guys, my first stick that this story was about was a LE Xbox 360 BlazBlue:CS TE. I still feel like a complete dumbass to this day for what was done to that poor stick, especially for what I could’ve sold it for. LORD FORGIVE ME FOR WHAT I HAVE DONE, BETTER YET MARKMAN FORGIVE ME lol.

This is all that remains, other than the gutted wiring that was sold…


My very first TE I painted with a crappy vinyl dye and people suggested that I remove it with brake fluid.

Dip the stick in brake fluid for a day, next thing I notice the brake fluid ate through the plastic and everything started snapping apart and cracking. Waste of a TE shell if you ask me : /


A year ago, amazon had a deal for that very same LE bb stick. It was a buy 2 get one free deal and they were only $120 each with free 2-day shipping. I only wanted one, so I thought I could flip the other sticks and essentially get a free stick. I bought 3 for the xbox 360 and posted 2 on craigslist. Stayed there for a while and a few people low balled me for $100. I was worried these wouldn’t sell so I went ahead and sold 2 of them brand new for $100 each. Then I sold the one I ended up using for like $120 used. If I just kept all three, used one and kept the other 2 new, I would have made a lot more than a free TE stick, which was what I was hoping for when I initially bought them.


“Can you help my friend with his custom stick?”

More pics here. Ugh ugh ugh. I think I have PTSD from this damn stick.

Long story short, my friend gave 3 screw-in and 3 snap-in Sanwas to a friend of his. Friend-of-friend has a Hori EX2 stick. With lots of swearing and use of metal nibblers and raiding my Seimitsu Nut stash, I got them installed.

A week later my friend he texts me with the above. Friend-of-friend had used wood scraps and wood screws and crafted together the above stick using the gutted EX2 (including the Hori joystick lol), but he knocked some wires loose in the process. I repaired those and it works.

About a month later my friend says the custom stick isn’t working, and he and friend-of-friend come over. First of all friend-of-friend says a Sanwa button in it stopped working and he threw it in the trash, so I gave him a SE button to put in its place (guy plays SF so it’s kinda pathetic). I look inside and two of the flex cables on the EX2 PCB are ripping away. I start patching them with individual wire, and as I recall, as soon as I did this more flex cables on the PCB immediately broke. At this point my eyes were stinging from the glue near the flex cables turning to fumes (I scraped as much away as I could but my soldering iron was burning what was left) and this had been going on for a few hours, so I told him unless he pays me what I charge to wire up a custom stick from scratch (I was doing all of the work for him for free since he knew my friend) I’m not doing any more work.

If only he had left the damn EX2 alone it would have still worked! This whole thing was really infuriating and has basically made me stop doing free labor for people that know my friends except for in specific circumstances.


Let me share a few with you.

After being away from fighting games for several years (the last I played was the original Tekken Tag Tournament on the PS2), I came back in when vanilla SFIV came out, which coincidentally had its home console release on my birthday in 2009. About a year into playing, I made the jump from MadCatz Fightpad to an SE stick. A few months later and after lurking around these forums, I decided to mod it. I bought a JLF and Sanwa buttons from LizardLick and had my new art printed at the local copy shop.

Oh boy…

The paint job looked cool a first, but because I just painted it and nothing else, it began to wear and fade from regular play. Also, the copy shop totally screwed up the print and the sticker looked like ass, along with my bad cutting job. That SE looked like this:

After a few weeks of my failed ode to Ms. White, I tried to salvage it. I found some material called “Stick It Felt” at my local hobby store and trimmed it to fit the SE panel. The paint fade was really bad and it looked like this:

Around the time I began to mod my SE, I had purchased the Tekken 6 collection from Gamestop for $60, which had the game, a hardcover art book and a wireless Hori arcade stick. I bought new Sanwa parts and an LS-32 and tried to mod it. I was unable to finish the job since I lack soldering skills and I didn’t have the proper tools to cut those damn plastic pieces off to make the OSFs fit in the button holes. Two years later, that stick is still disassembled and on a shelf in my closet. Maybe one day I’ll get it out and fix it up into something nice.

Since March of 2011, I’ve been playing on a customized HRAP EX that looks like this:

I’m quite pleased with both the appearance and function of it. Third time was the charm.


I made the mistake of leaving one of SF15th Anniversary sticks out on a counter in my store when I was busy. Guy asked if he could try it and I said,"Sure, just be gentle"
My first clue should have been the way he hunched over it like he was about to start a foot race, and once the fight started he acted like he was playing World Class Track Meet on the NES if you pounded the mat with your hands. He was trying to type 500 words a minute with my buttons. He was playing Guile and pulling so hard into downback that the stick was bouncing on the counter. I walked over and told him to stop, pulling it off the counter. He left. Later when I had free time I picked the stick up and started messing around. After 10 seconds, the joystick dropped to a weird angle. Opened it up and the guy was pulling so hard into downback that he ripped out mounting screw, taking a chunk of wood with it.
Profound Sadness.


For me, the very first horror story was buying a stick when my first one was just fine. A horror because it just started a domino effect of buying sticks I didn’t need or even use. Another time, I bought the Femme Fatale TE thinking it would be a rare collector’s item. But after four months of it still being in stock online, I decided it wasn’t all that rare and that it wouldn’t appreciate in value so I opened it up and started using it. Who knows what a sealed mint example would go for now…

…did I mention I passed up on a Comic Con TE for $150 when they first came out?


That’s not a horror story. That’s an uncontrollable personal addiction.

get out!!


I ruined a TE Kitty and an MCCthulhu because I crimped the voltage line in the wrong slot of an RJ45 cable. That was a labor time and $85 horror.


The MC Cthulhu may be resurrected with a MC Cthulhu upgrade kit (12 $), but the kitty can’t (To the best of my knowledge). I know I did the exact same thing as you, Frank but changing the PIC got me with a working MCC again (which got me even more happy since all the piggyback soldering was already done).


I bought a TE.

And realized everything that I hate about ergonomic layouts and square gates.

Sold for $100.
Put out another $50 and built my own damn stick.


what’d you use for a case?


Tried it already and it was a no go. It’s fine, I accepted my failure there and learned a valuable lesson.


Stick failure during an online money match caused me to double dash with one tap of the stick resulting in free spds courtesy of Thawk. Had to void the warranty to attempt to fix it.


MAS style custom case. - $70
Happ parts. - $30
MC Cthulhu. - $45 at the time.