Arcade fightstick in stock in uk

Good news guys in the uk, just found them at retail price on amazon and gameshark, orders been confirmed and getting mine b4 1pm tomorrow buzzing !!! :rofl:

I got mine a few weeks ago from Gamestation (ordered on the 8th, delivered the next day). It has already broken and I took it back for a refund. Building my own now instead.

Sorry to piss on the bonfire :stuck_out_tongue:

Lol! Mad Catz arn’t exactly known for their awesome quality.

Well from now on, the only Madcatz product I will buy is cheap pads to rip apart for PCBs.

Do you mean TE or SE?

The SE has been available at UK Gameshark for a while now.

The SF IV page has a changed status for the PS3 TE but when you click to go to the TE page itself it says “Out of Stock”.

Hope I haven’t missed out on a TE!

no but they are reputable and not shady, unlike yourself

if your gonna throw dirt make sure your hands are clean :yawn:

i’m still getting +rep for that shit today and it was a month ago

If any UK users are interested, Madcatz 360/PS3 SFIV FightStick SE seems to be readily available at for now…

Xbox 360 Street Fighter IV Fightstick - @69.99 GBP

PS3 Street Fighter IV Fightstick - @69.99 GBP

If you order from Game Shark you wont be able track your order and they dont seem to be responding to emails but I did get mine after 5 days

ordered from game, hopefully see it by wed