Arcade Fightstick Tournament Edition Issue with DP / RS / LS with SF4AE



beforehand I want to apologies for my bad English knowledge.

I’ve got myself an Arcade Fightstick Tournament Edition and played about 1 1/2 year now (the switch was all the time on DP) and everything worked intended.
But since yesterday my joystick (directions) won’t get recognized by the Game SF4AE, all buttons still work perfectly.
Only when i switch the mode to RS my joystick will get recognized and I can play. The problem with RS and LS is that your inputs from the joystick getting held for like .4 - .5 sec.
That makes it un-enjoyably.
In SFxT and KOF everything works intended on DP mode.

My Question now is; wtf is wrong with my Stick/SF4AE?

I hope someone can help me.


please guys i need an answer :X