Arcade Fightstick works perfectly on xbox, but on PC it's a pile of garbage


I just tested this on my xbox and it works perfectly. But when I try to play on the PC version of SF4 it just completely wets the bed. the joystick sticks, sometimes I keep walking forward, or can’t jump or crouch, or can’t stop crouching/jumping. (that being said I’m still able to beat half the people online)

This is driving me nuts, I’ve been messing with the drivers but they are all installed correctly, and google searching this really isn’t bringing up anything helpful.


Oh it’s a Madcatz TE stick by the way


Don’t let Windows Autodetect for the driver install, install the Stick manually using the MS Xbox 360 Game Pad Drivers.


Check the LS/DP/RS slider, make sure it’s in DP.