Arcade game collecting?

I was thinking it might be a good idea to have an arcade collecting thread stickied. I am shocked that more members do not collect the original game pcbs or cabinets. With all the purists who wont touch anything thats not arcade perfect why not just buy the board. Sorry I went a little off topic:sweat:. My point is I have noticed people seem interested and maybe combining the questions/answers into one spot might help.

Great thread Amado.

Altough I only collect MK boards (and console releases) I have a ST board in a midway cabinet. I have 2 more generic cabs for my other 3 boards. UMK3 (rev 1.2), MK4 (rev 3)and MK2 (rev 3.1 with a few graphical glitches dont know why). This week Im planning on buying a MK1 board.

alot of people dont have the time, money or room to dedicate to (a) arcade cab(s) i for one like cvs2 but dont like it 500 dollars wise but i think there was a thread about showing setups that included arcade cabs. find that thread and you’ll get lots of pics

there is already a thread about this

Not really because I meant for this to be a starting point for people who are interested in collecting but don’t know how to start. So links to other arcade related forums or info on what fighting game plays on what hardware and so forth. I am aware that a few random threads about arcade hardware have already been started
but I just think having them compiled and sticked was a better way to do it.

I have to plug Lots of info and great advice for getting your arcade collection started right with an MVS cab. I actually have bridged the gap with a CMVS (Consolized MVS), so I understand arcade collecting but haven’t bought the full boat of a cab.

Here is a site I found. They sell arcade boards, some machines (DDR, Beatmania, ect.) and empty candy cabs. The problem is their based in Hong Kong and i’m sure shipping for a cab will be expensive as hell. I might get a couple of candy cabs from them in the future.

Yeah the Neo Geo forums is a great place for info and the trading/sales threads are the best. I bought a neo 29 candy cab on there for $400:rock:. Also Neo Geo MVS sytems are a great way to get started since the motherboards are cheap and the games for the most part are also quite cheap. I bought a four slot MVS system for $170 and Samuria Showdown 2 only cost me $20. So the total was cheaper than a 360 or PS3.