Arcade game recommendations


I just got my SF4 Fight Stick TE and so I was wondering about what arcade games that can be played on MAME are worth checking out. Obviously all the fighting games that started out in the arcades go without saying, I’m thinking more of stuff that stayed as arcade-only or never got a good console port.

I can start by recommending one myself: Dungeons and Dragons: Shadow Over Mystara. It’s like Final Fight with RPG elements (levelling up, items, classes etc) and has a great look and feel. Made by Capcom themselves.


fucking metal slug and shit


Gears of war2.



Anyway dude you need to check out the laundry list of shmups out there for MAME. Theres billions of em and their a really fun Genre to indulge yourself in.

Also old brawlers like Double Dragon, Final Fight, TMNT (Any of the Arcade ones) Simpsons. Man…it’s MAME just look at the list of games it supports and go at it lol.


Robotron 2084
Smash TV


Thanks for the suggestions so far. I know there’s a lot on MAME but that’s why I’d like some recommendations. It’s too easy to play an arcade game for like 5 minutes before thinking “Hmm, interesting” and just moving onto the next one. If I know it’s meant to be something worth sticking with, it makes it easier.


I would check out:
Hardcore Gaming 101 - A Goddamn Philistine Since 2004

They have once in a while some interesting games posted on there that I would not of heard of otherwise. Two unusual shooter games I found I liked from that website is Cybattler and Hyper Duel.


Robotron 2084 and Smash TV are worth sticking to. They are timeless classic.

In Robotron 2084, you move quickly, you fire quickly, you have infinite ammo, and yet still have no hope of survival because the game throws EVERYTHING at you. The only way to survive is to get MAD, get fucking angry, get pissed, your death is one step away and you have to become a well oiled killing machine, just like those coming to kill you.

Official twin galaxy high score for ‘tournament’ style robotron 2084 is 1.2 million:
Welcome to Twin Galaxies
No extra lives, 5 lives to start, survive for as long as possible.



Game is mad cheap. You know shooters like House of the Dead and the like? Usually they have a way of avoiding damage by hitting correct shots in a sequence. Not so in Carnevil. Unavoidable damage abounds in this game, especially during boss battles. That said, I loved it in the arcade back in the day.



Arcade games that leave you NO choice but to spend more quarters are annoying as hell lol. But besides that, it’d be hard to play a lightgun shooter with a TE stick.