Arcade Games


Wow. Didn’t know that arcade games are still being made…

Found this here and on some Youtube videos:


I cannot believe they are wasting perfectly good Sanwa psrts on Virtua Tennis.


Racing and gun games are huge at places like Dave & Busters, but they also make a lot of amusement games and even have some arcade versions of touch games that come out on iOS.

They have this one horror-themed gun game that you sit in a booth and it’s sort of a 4D thing. You wear 3D glasses but the seats jolt, there’s mist that comes at you, and if there’s an enemy behind you, there’s some air that hits your neck. It’s a pretty cool game.


What is an Arrr-ccaaade?


Arcade | Arcade stick
Fightstick | Fightcade


So replacing Arcade with FIGHT

Final Fight
Final Arcade?


House of the Dead?


The game he’s talking about is Dark Escape 4D


It’s where you went to buy and sell drugs and and have to fight a dude who can’t handle your zoning, in real life.


Yeah that’s the one! (Although the House Of The Dead series is one of my favorites!)

I usually blow most of my credits playing Dark Escape when I go to D&B xD


Yea, Dark Escape 4D is pretty cool. Last time I went to D&B it was all I played.


Wait, we talking about arcade games, and not discussing the greatest of them all?

Boong-Ga Boong-Ga:


Anyone seen or played any new arcade games lately?


yeah there are companies that still “make” arcade games. the big players in america are betson and raw thrills.

i put make in parenthesis because you cannot exactly describe what they do as original work. here’s a couple of the arcade games they’ve made in the last few years:

crossy road
fruit ninja
candy crush sage tickets
dance central
doodle jump

yeah, these fools basically throw money to get the rights to some shitty thing you can already play somewhere else, and make an arcade version of it.

japan is still doing fairly original stuff, though there are a lot of games that flop, lots of trend following, and lots of games that copy each other or aren’t that much different from other games made by the same company.


New games:


Yes, great arcade games are still being made. This one in particular is my favorite:

Aliens Armegeddon(2014). Love this shooter so much!! It’s every bit as good as the kind of shooters that would have been released in arcades at it’s peak. I only ever see it at Lasertag arcades though.


Man that ending was weak for that Alien game. Reminds me of the weak endings of early Mortal Kombat games. Was this Revision 1.1 or something?

There’s this giant galaga, giant pacman, and giant centipede game at the local arcade


Whenever I think of any Alien arcade game, I always remember AVP. So many good memories beating that game as Lyn.


There’s been a trend of barcades opening up around Nashville here. I have at least 3 bars I can go to that have SF2, MvC2, NBA Jam, and or even multigame Mame cabs. It’s pretty cool to say the least and some of them are legit great bars/clubs. This is in addition to having Game Galaxy which is a great arcade especially if you like old school fighters.

Still though, this barcade trend is probably the best thing that’s come out of people my age getting a couple bucks in their pockets and feeling nostalgic lol


Yeah the barcades here are convenient. There’s Crazy Taxi, Outrun, Metal Slug 3, TMNT Turtles in Time, SF2CE, UMK3, Terminator 2, and many 80’s with Punch Out, Arkanoid, Space invaders, etc.


No that’s the finished game. It’s is called Aliens “Armageddon” after all. Meaning earth is fucked.

Anyway, ending aside, the game is otherwise 5-stars all the way. It’s every bit as good as classic shooters like House of the Dead and Time Crisis from back in the day. I’ve only ever seen it at Lasertag arcades though, so that’s your best bet if you want to try it out.

The same company also recently made a damn good Walking Dead shooter as well:

Your light guns are shaped like crossbows and you HAVE to get headshots to take down a zombie.