Arcade Graveyards

Let me know if this is better served in “tech” but …

I’ve been looking around for used arcade parts for years with very little luck. Then I saw this link on Kotaku -

It’s from the makers of the “Winnitron” an upstart indie arcade community.


Turns out Winnipeg is graced with not one, but three arcade graveyards. I flashed back to helping my friends mom throw dozens of her vending business’ machines in the landfill after a storm and, after much begging, got my mom to let me keep one - an original tabletop 1978 “Space Invaders”. Then the fuse broke like a year later.

Point is …

PLEASE USE THIS THREAD TO POST LOCATIONS TO ANY ARCADE GRAVEYARD YOU KNOW OF. Pictures, Google map links, anything helps. Don’t let these pieces of our history go gracefully in the night. Use this thread to memorialize our fallen heroes or to help others locate their past.

I like this…
Many of the games I grew up with get no Love!
always the Pac-mans n shyyyt!
Never all the turtle games, beat em ups, shooters, fuck man, LIGHT GUN GAMES TRAINED ME while the lasted anyways :confused:
Area 51 is one of favs…

Honestly, - CraigsList is a GREAT source for this kind of thing, it’s where I got my SF2 cabinet as well as my Blitz 99’ 4-P machine. For anyone in the DMV area, if your interested I can tell you my contact, he goes to all the auctions and buys cabinets, and stores them in manassas…right off 238.

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I collect arcades have about 11 cabs total i think…Too much space

i found some guy once and he had a warehouse of just old world warrior machines. must have been 500-600 of them he was selling for $50 a piece

i ended up buying 6 and gutting 5

i know a warehouse in the north of england that stores old cabinets. when i’m up there i’ll take a few pictures.

I couldn’t find anyone near Chicago except one guy selling his Tekken Tag cabinet for $300 :\

wtf is an upstart indie arcade community

aye - thats my big issue. I can’t wait to get a house though so I can buy REAL power tools and just make my own custom cases…with LCD screens to cut down on the space they take up.

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