Arcade-in-a-box Artwork


hello there,

i am new to the forums, and i m just returning to fighting games especially since the release of SC4 and the upcoming SFIV release. of course SSFIIHDR as well.
thus i spurgled a few days ago and ordered the multi-console customized arcade-in-a-box with all sanwa parts.
when i made my order i didnt realize though, that any trademarked video game characters are out of question and i m not a really big MK fan, so most of the proposed artwork there does not really suit me either.
To be honest i m not good enough with vector-based drawing programms to alter an existing character enough, that there wouldnt be any copyright issues or something similar which would avoid it from getting on my stick. besides as you might think yourself already, with me buying a finished stick that i dont want to spend too much time on for example building my stick, still i ll thoroughly enjoy playing it.
Now my question to you guys is, what do you think i should do? are there any artists here i could pay for some artwork? or any other interesting proposals are highly appreciated.
thanks in advance to anyone helping me out in any way
i wanted to mention that i looked properly for a threat which could help me, but i think too many people are too experienced with noobish things like that and i didnt find anything that would really help my situation.
thanks again


i would buy the stick. then when you get it stick artwork on it. he cant sell you the artwork with trademarked characters on it but once you own it you can do w/e you want to it.


I just used an image that didn’t have anything to do with videogames. That should be fine.


i was in the same dilemma so i spent hrs on the net looking at various wallpapers until i found something that i liked.


Oooo… first post…

I would offer to do the artwork for you, but you might be best (finance wise especially) doing as James 123 said. Get a good quality image and then have it printed on some nice paper.

Go to

there’s lots of Hi Res computer game artwork there, you will have to join (it’s free), but it’s definitely worth it.


thanks for all the great input so far. i ll definitely check them out.
i was thinking about a where s waldo/wally pic, as it has insane detail and from
what i read it should be a very high quality print and i d imagine it might look interesting. to me at least :stuck_out_tongue:
again i guess it d be too obvious of a trademark violation?


Im curious why you dont just get a stick from a stick builder here that will allow you whatever artwork you want? On top of that it would be under plexi vs. a vinyl sticker… Get a custom stick from someone on these boards man, it’s the way to go. Send me a PM if you need help finding a builder. I can help you out.


As long as it’s not a videogame property I think you will be ok. But do not quote me on this, I am not sure.


If you leave the image like that the joystick and maybe dust cover will obscure all the best parts of that image.

Maybe consider flipping the image and using clear buttons? Or photoshopping it so that the meat of the image is centered


posted the wrong picture. this is the one with the dust cover shown and the pic moved slightly to the left.


that’s a good option. You may have less wait as well. When I did my search, the reason I went with aiab is because he makes a stick that feels like the old american style cabinets and not the japanese style viewlix/plexi. I wanted a very heavy stick made of wood, and it seems aiab is the best place for that.


Jon I would still play with that image. I had the same problem, I have a pic that’s basically a figure of those dimensions. I chose to put it carefully between the stick and the buttons and use clear seimitsu buttons.

It still works the way you have it though, maybe just see if you like the other look better.


Though there may be less wait times just 2 to 3 weeks ago today most of the stick builders have their slots filled up. Pretty much at the time, AIAB was taking on orders (they are an LLC) while the rest were busy from the high demand that SF IV is causing.

Only drawback I see for AIAB is the limited artwork customization since they are a retail business (I may be wrong on quoting this).


Just be clear on something, we don’t print on a vinyl sticker and slap it on the wood. As anyone that owns one of sticks will tell you, the polycarbonate laminate adds a lot to the overall durability and look. I don’t go to kinlos to have art printed.

With that out of the way, just stay away from video game characters and you are fine.



Thanks for clearing that up. FYI the link is broken on the site that links to a “Hi Res Image of Artwork” so its a bit of a guessing game. The site stated that it was printed on vinyl so I just assumed it was like the old cabs that had stickers that would wear off over time. This is actually one of the reason’s I went looking elsewhere when I wanted a stick. That and I really wanted a video game character on my video game stick :rofl: I completely understand wanting to protect a business legally by this choice but it’s a deal breaker for some of us. From the looks of your site you aren’t hurting for business. :wgrin:


You can actually use trademarked characters if you asked for permission from the actual company. That’s what Ed told me, anyways. So you can always try that if you’re desperate.

That’s what I did. Too bad I don’t have money at the moment to actually purchase the stick.


Yeah, I need to fix that high res artwork issue pretty quick here.

The site does mentioned it’s printed on vinyl with a polycarbonate laminate. That’s what it is. It’s not just straight vinyl, that would wear. The polycarbonate is tough.


That might be true but that doesn’t mean ignorant people like me reading the site looking for a stick last year would know anything other than its a vinyl sticker…

Anyways, keep up the good work. I’m really glad to see both you guys and norris struggling to keep up with orders. I have a feeling this year will be better than last year for everyone in this business.