Arcade In A Box-(Blue Tooth Headset Mod) X360

Here’s pics from a simple mod to add blue tooth connectivty to my stick from AIAB. I had the standard wired headset but it wasnt applealing to me. Feedback would be great.


Jabra A210 Bluetooth Adapter
Jabra BT5020 Headset

Interesting idea, actually. I’m not a big fan of those wired headsets, and from what I’ve heard the QC on the wireless ones is spotty at best. You’ve got room in that case, why not make both adaptors and the module internal, with a single power cord? For that matter, could you not tap +5v off the controller line to charge the headset and power the module? That would eliminate the need for the adaptors at all.

Yeah, but the wired headsets are tonz better than that POS bluetooth they have for the 360. Nice try though.

I just use the wireless MS headset since my custom doesn’t have a mic port. Works great. Quality is just as good as the wired sets imo. shrug

I just did a quick mod. There were other ways to do it but it I got lazy. It works ok i just couldn’t stand the wired headset.

I used a 2.5mm extension cable and use a Plantronics wired cell phone headset. Infinitely better than the stock 360 headset. Good job on the innovate thinking.