Arcade in a box... how long did it take?


yo… i just ordered my Hybrid stick from arcade in a box about 2 weeks ago… and i was wanting to hear from someone who got theirs from the same place and about how long it took?.. i’m praying that my stick arrives before EVO this year (seeing as how i bought it specifically for EVO)… if it doesn’t get here before the 16th of July i might not be able to compete unless a friend lets me use theirs even i might not have the spare time to run and get it…

on the AIAB homepage it says that most roders take 6-9 weeks… if my math is correct that would put mine shipping at the end of june or the beginning of july… so im not really worried… but i’d like second opinion… some of my XBL friends are saying it took damn near forever to get theirs… so if you got a stick from AIAB could you kindly tell me how long it took from order to arrival/shipment?.. ballpark the figures if you have to…


why don’t you just look/ask in the AIAB thread
and ed posts here regularly so it’s not like if he’s hard to get a hold of if you ever want to inquire about the status of your stick.


really?.. that’s awesome… i gotta say these SRK boards are top notch