Arcade-In-A-Box Question

I’m ordering an Arcade-In-A-Box controller and I wanted to know how long the cord was. I need to determine if I should get the 6ft. extender. Can someone help me out?

I have added a 6ft usb ext. becuase it was a bit too short from my tv and couch. It should be fine.

Your question would be better answered if posted in the existing thread.

All sticks from Arcade in a box come with 6ft cord standard, with an optional $5 for another 6ft extension. Which, personally I would skip, and purchase from Monoprice, which is the place to go for your cable needs. Works out cheaper too.

Thanks for the answer. Yeah, I wasn’t sure if I should post in that thread, but in the future I will.

BTW, 12ft is the max you can go with USB without using a powered USB hub.