Arcade-in-a-Box Slim, Brand new

I have a brand new slim that the customer had to cancel do to money issues.

The picture does not show the bottom piece on yet. It’s the same model used by Latif at EVO and the ones at the skullgirls booth. Basically the same at the old slim arcade model, but with a heavier wood piece on the bottom.

It’s a Sanwa JLF, straight layout with IL Convex buttons. It’s wired for 360 and PS3.

Asking for $210 Shipped to anywhere in the continental us.
PM Me if interested. Thanks.

Dam… I want it but it looks like the six button layout is not veilex or w. E you call it

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No, it’s your classic straight layout used in American arcades of the past.

I apologize for not putting the WTS at the beginning of the title. Just spaced it.


Can you put in an iL Euro stick & different artwork (something generic from your site is fine)? If yes then PM me your new price, thanks! Also, if you can post a pic of the bottom. Since you said this is similar to the old slim arcade box, is this the current version of the slim? Thanks!

I can put in an IL stick, but I’m not going to go through the process of changing out the artwork, sorry.

It’s a new model, the new model has the t-molding around the bottom edge as well. Like these

I didn’t want to put the bottom on yet because I figured someone might want an IL stick instead.

Does it have the pcb cable mod? If so then I might convince self to get it

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PCB Cable mod? It just has a usb cable coming out the back and a mode switch to switch between systems…

Can you make it work on a Wii (as a classic controller pro & not as a Gamecube controller) similar to a Toodles PeeWii PCB?

I ment can you unplug the usb out and in when ever you want

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I think he’s asking if the case has an A/B USB Neutrik adapter?

Oh gotcha, no you can’t. It’s securely attached on the inside.

No I can’t add GC support. It’s running a PS360 PCB.

What’s the price with an iL Euro since those are cheaper than a JLF? Thanks!

Yea that’s what I ment, oh well… do you guys make them like that? If so I’ll order one in the site

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I thought about it when we release our new design, but I am trying to figure out why you want the cable to detach. Just seems too easy to lose.

$200 with the IL. I have to do the work of removing the JLF and wiring up the other stick.

It’s much better to put away that’s all, I hate coiling the usb around the stick or when they are lose, it looks messy, if it’s like the Te I might reconsider, I’m a very picky neaty guy, also I wonder if you have the cutouts for the art. Soo I could put my clear seimitsu on it

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No, sorry. No compartment either. I don’t have the cutout, but they would be easy enough for me to print out on paper.

Well if it’s easy open, as me getting in there and messing around with the hardware with no wire tanglement I’ll possibility buy it for 200$ with the cutouts, that’s my offer if anything.

(my English/grammar is great)

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I can take a picture of the inside tomorrow and post it up if you like.

Being a huge supporter of AiaB seeing as though I have one myself that I’ve used in major tournaments since 08, I can say the following is true:

  1. Yes it is easy to open, you just take several screws off the bottom panel and viola, you’re in there. I’ve made several modifications to mine, including a RJ45 neutrik mod. (which btw if you are planning to do, you will have to dremel some of the inner front panel because its quite thick) I’ve also put in an LED mod as well.
  2. if you are the storage kind of guy, even though there isn’t a storage space, I highly suggest installing a neutrik adapter.
  3. as far as the size goes its only a bit taller than a TE, all storage options for a Te will work for an AiaB slim.

Ed, personally for me the reason why I prefer detachable cords is because it makes it easier on me when i travel with it. Instead of wrapping the cord around the stick and risking damage to the cord and/or the stick, I usually keep all the cables in the pockets of my storage bag and my arcade stick neatly in the main bag compartment. Not having the cables wrapped around the stick also allows the stick to rest evenly when placed down.

So yeah… just my two cents on the matter. Continue the bartering!

~Justin R

Yea that’s what I ment on the matter, ill purchase it for 200$ with the cutouts, up to you now, pm me for any info.

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