A huge thank you to everyone who came out to support this tournament (especially phoenix). It was definitely fun-filled! Great seeing everyone again. We will definitely set up another one soon. Congrats to the winners of each game. Hope everyone got home safely.


1 Juicebox (Abel)
2 TooTall (Dictator)
3 KIG0D (Sakura)
4 Feet (Sagat)
5 Jason (Cammy, Ryu)
5 DMG Weasel (Seth)
7 Rickdawg (Blanka)
7 G2 Ryu (Ryu)
9 Orlandod84 (Honda)
9 Velociraptor (Gouken)
9 Said3s (Sakura, Sagat)
9 Saikyo (Honda)
13 Freakin Lu (Boxer)
13 Forward (Ryu)
13 jedirobb (Blanka)
17 Pomx
17 Nek (Akuma)
17 Jabs
17 Jam86 (Boxer)
17 Crazy EX (Ryu)
17 Kyoku (Dhalsim)
17 Fridays Lobster (Honda)

HD Remix

1 KIG0D (Ken)
2 Said3s (Gief, Claw)
3 Orlandod84 (Honda, Chun)
4 Rochus (Ken)
5 Saikyo (Fei)
5 Jabs (Chun)
7 Forward (Ryu, Honda)
7 Halo3 FTW (Fei)
9 Mr. 520 (Ken)
9 jedirobb (Blanka)

3rd Strike

1 Said3s (Yun, Chun)
2 KIG0D (Ken)
3 Saikyo (Makoto)
4 TooTall (Necro)
5 Forward (Chun, Ken)
5 Juicebox (Makoto)
7 jedirobb (Ken)

Definitely was a good time. Need to work on my Blanka counter, so I’ll be back at AIAB later this week.

Peace All

No girls tourney!? Poor Jenny! Her Gief kicked my ass. I hate Gief. I never know what to do against him, especial with a character i hardly hardly know.

…God i am so crunk…

Nicely done, Weasel. Nicely Done!

Tourney, was awesome and very well done :slight_smile:

I can’t wait for the videos to get posted up!


AIAB videos are up:

Pretty much all the videos, 64 of them… a few were booboo and a couple need some fine tuning but here is a bunch of them.

You can always just hit up and click on the YouTube link to go see all the vids.

I will post up some stuff to the site shortly as well.