Arcade-in-a-Box Thread, Take 2

[LEFT]I am currently not excepting any new orders. In order to “reset” the business I will be creating arcade sticks with parts I have on hand to purge inventory. I may start making custom sticks again once this purge is done. I am grateful for the many years of serving the fighting game community. I will still be fixing and honoring all warranties. Thank You, Ed Farias - Owner[/LEFT]


Being as I am not familiar w/ Arcade In a Box, I thought this was a supergun thread. :frowning: Put one inside your stick, ftw.

I used to make a Super Gun (title Jamma-in-a-Box) but stopped several years ago. Sorry.

Interested to see how AiB is going to respond to the increased level of competition these days.

I’m not sure what you mean by how I am going to respond?

Well, with all the other folks stepping their games up (Project Giantsword, B15, eTokki, etc.) I just wanted to see how you guys would respond to the increased comp. I mean, competition is no good unless it forces folks to level up.

He just did. These are great Ed! Thanks for the post.

I doubt anyone listed has moved 2500 sticks. Maybe B15. : )

I think he means there is a lot of competition have you looked through “check out my arcade stick thread”

You have a point there.

Anyway, curious about the more technical details. What PCBs are being used and what’s the wiring inside like?

I use the Etokki boards, I have for about a year now and I have a good relationship with Ryan (Laugh).

I understand what you were asking, but in my opinion I don’t think I am in direct competition with true custom stick builders. I never have never thought of AIAB that way. Yes we offer some custom options, and custom artwork. That is where it ends. I don’t stray from my list of options, which I believe helps me keep my costs down. I think I may actually be the only stick maker that doesn’t use the Viewlix layout. I guess that could be good or bad. :slight_smile:

Anyway, AIAB has always been about classic arcade feel and look and I don’t plan on changing that. I have gotten so much positive feedback from customers over the last 4 years I really don’t think I have too. There are certain things that seem to be common with every stick out there now and they are things I don’t really like, so I will stay different. I don’t like the 8 button viewlix layout, and I don’t like plexiglass. Plus I am one that still prefers American style buttons and stick :).

Eff Vewlix! Sega 4 lyf.

I have to agree with that, which is why my curved close layout is a the Astro City, Blast City layout.

See. You guys got to be friends after all. AiaB is an OG that came before the SFIV resurgence. He deserves respect.

Sega layout is too curvy for me. I can’t get my hands to the necessary position. I have a belly that prevents my elbows to get close enough, you know… :smiley:

I’ve always wanted to get an Arcade-In-A-Box, from the photos and review videos I’ve seen, they look like such well constructed, classy sticks. I like the new default artwork too, it looks cool.

For the record, all the Skull Girls sticks I have done for them are the curved wide layout. I have spoken to Mike Z on several occasions and he loves them. Some of the changes I did make were as per his suggestions.

I’m not a fan of the look of the bottom wrap of t-molding, but cool to see you still proudly waving the Happ flag. :slight_smile:

It’s not Happ, it’s IL. I will never proudly wave a Happ flag anymore :). I do sell sanwa too, just so happens this was the stick I took pictures of.

Tomato, tomato. I should have said ‘traditional American style’ to be PC about it. I’ve seen your work quite a bit over the years. Just saying it’s good to see you still out there. :slight_smile:

Well honestly I am not sure how much longer I will be out there. I struggle daily with the thought of shutting down the stick building and just focusing on other things.

I have a feeling my time has come and gone as a stick builder. I am very happy to have accomplished what we did. When SFIV launched and Madcatz ran out of their first run of sticks, we were pushing out 30-40 sticks a week. Our queue hovered around the 300 mark for months. We filled a void at the time. Now, there so many options and competing is just very difficult now.