Arcade in a box v. madcatz TE sticks which one do you prefer?


I got a pretty decent deal on a PS3 madcatz TE stick last week but have not opened it, today I ordered a second stick from Ed over at Arcade in a box it’s the Hybrid (Ps3/360) Slim Arcade with Sanwa JLF Octo Gate, Sanwa Buttons, I like this one because it’s built well and I can use it on my PS3, Xbox 360, and PC.

Should I keep them both? I was considering selling the TE while it’s still brand new, I was wondering if anyone has any experience with BOTH sticks? Thanks!


I have both. Would not get rid of either of them.


You could make some good money selling the TE, I have the HRAP EX and like it a lot better than the TE.


One stick is suited for your personal taste.

The other is just another retail stick with arcade parts.

I’d be inclined to believe the AiaB wins this. Preference rules all. And if that preference is one stick over the other, so be it :wink:


i love my hrap ex ecpect for this damn wire that keeps getting loose. AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH


If I had to pick between the two, I would keep Arcade-in-a-Box. Custom always trumps over retail in my mind. Plus with the shortage right now, I am sure you can sell either stick for a pretty penny.


Both sticks would have good resell value.

…but in 5-6 years when the TE has lost its fire, the custom will always be an eye catcher. It’s unique, and that’s timeless if it’s left in good condition. A cool stick with high quality parts and sick artwork and handcrafted wood is going to look good in 2009 and 2015.

Not to say the TE won’t either, but it will be a TE. We’ve seen it, and there’s no way it will sell for the same amount as a custom which is totally fresh on the buyers purchasing outlook. He’ll go “Whoa, what is that?” That is the power of custom.


Multi purpose trumps having to make it multi purpose. I love my te, and I want to do the dual mod once the warranty expires. But you won’t have to do anything to your AiaB, whereas your ps3 te will need some frankensteinin to make it work on both your ps3 and a 360.


Other than a slight button issue (which I hope goes away once my new Happ convex buttons arrive) my AIAB stick has served me well.

I tried to get a TE fight stick, but the last place I could possibly get one was… well, read my sig.


funny i just received -4 negative rep points for posting this thread because they said “no VS. threads” but it’s generating a decent amount of response… not only that they did it anonymously. hopefully i can go on living my life.


I’m not sure why some of you need more than one stick. And many of them are redundant too (both sanwa etc.) Two I can understand, for friends to use. That’s about it though.

Anyway I would sell the TE, because it seems you can get a markup for that right now.


I have a full Sanwa AiaB and a TE Fightstick. As for overall functionality, the TE is the better stick (RS and LS compatibility). I use the AiaB when I don’t want 8 buttons and I use the TE when I want the 8 buttons. The biggest difference to me between the two is the stick surface. The TE has a plastic surface that can be annoying at times and can get dirty very easily. The AiaB has a MUCH better surface for resting your palms against.