Arcade in a Box vs. Hori Real Arcade Pro for 360


I bought the Hori EX2 Fight Stick a few months back and love it other than the square gate and the way the buttons feel. I’m looking to upgrade to something better in the next couple months and I’m having a tough time deciding between AIAB or the HRAP. What ARE the differences in the two sticks?

I know if you want a fully customized AIAB you could spend up to 250 and the HRAP runs between 120-150 I believe. If anybody has either of these sticks any input would be appreciated as to which one I should go with.


if your going for the HRAP EX it’s running for 200 bucks a pop anyways. AIAB with all sanwas is not cheap but I have not heard anything about buttons going dead as I have heard with mass produced sticks like the HRAP or Madcatz sticks.

In terms of long term value I find a lot of people stick with custom made sticks, you get exactly what you want. You do pay a bit of a premium but that stick will last you a LONG time.

Go for the AIAB in terms of value/quality


I would mod my EX2 and swap out the buttons with Sanwas and an octo gate if the buttons had quick disconnects instead of having to desolder them. The EX2 is my only stick right now and if i fucked up modding it well…i’d rather not use the BS 360 controller. After i buy a new stick i might take a shot at modding the EX2.


Not sure about two months from now, but right now if you could get a HRAP EX at its suggested retail price, more power to you.

All I got to say is you get what you pay for with AIAB.


Yeah, I’ve never seen bad feedback for Ed, or Arcade in a Box.


Arcade in a box is basically just like building your own stick without the labour work. I’ve only heard good things and if you get some custom artwork done and sent in you can put your own unique touch on one of their bases. With the Sanwa Buttons and JLF joystick you’ve got your complete custom all done (in comparison to a mass produced product) with top quality parts, and the only work you’ve had to put in is opening your wallet. Im not keen on the design of the AIAB boxes, I think I prefer more compact designs, however If I had a choice between a Hori HRAP and AIAB I would probably choose AIAB. Which ever option you go down though with the current SF IV rush you could be waiting a while.


aiab all the way.


Yeah, always go custom over mass produced if you can afford it. The only thing you’re missing out on is some plastic and a turbo function (which you don’t need).


As long as you aren’t in a rush, I’d go AIAB. Consider the prices the 360 HRAPs are going for and add in Sanwa buttons and a new balltop and AIAB might even be cheaper.


I would go for the HRAP, unless you want to wait 6-9 weeks for a custom AIAB.

Arcade in a Box prices look good until you actual add the options you want, then omg $350?!

Try to snag a HRAP for MRSP on Amazon when they restock again (better have quick ordering skills).


AIAB All The Way!

I have an AIAB dual stick(360/PS3). First off, Ed is absolutely the man. His sticks really are top quality. If you’re considering a HRAP for the 360, then you’re looking at paying through the nose for it anyway. Drop the extra $50 or so and get a dual system stick from AIAB and you’ll never regret it.


You know, nothing against Arcade In A Box, but I prefer the HRAP series of sticks. The big, thick wooden enclosure AIAB uses is just way too much for me. It seems impossible to put in your lap comfortably. While I grew up in the USA in the 80s and 90s arcade scene and was very acclimated to American Happ sticks and buttons, I had no trouble adapting to Japanese style controls. I think if someone made a Happ stick in a small HRAP style enclosure, I’d jump to buy it, but not otherwise.

Also, I like to buy the different HRAP varieties! I have four already after just a year of buying the things. They are more fun to collect than AIAB’s customs, which aren’t really collectable in the same way, each one of those can be unique.


Thanks for the replies everyone. Probably going to go with AIAB. Another quick question…whats the difference between the stock buttons that come with the base Arcade in a Box and the Sanwa buttons? The way they feel/responsiveness?


I think the base ones are American style HAPPS like the arcade games from the 80’s and 90’s.