Arcade Infinity 2v2 Results

No one posted yet? :looney:

1 Amir (chun)/Gootecks (urien)
2 Ken Eye (mak)/ Pyro (yun)
3 Big Poppa Watts (ken)/Hung (green cockroach)

Don’t remember the rest.

1st place team came from losers . I don’t think Amir lost 1 game after being knocked in losers by Hung. 2-0/2-0 grand finals. GG :encore:

congrats to the winners, Amir is taking everything, too bad hes not atending SBO :shake:

GG’s was fun…we won the first game vs amir and gootecks in grandfinals but then they said it was 2/3 when throughout the entire thing even in winners and losers finals it was 1 game (the flyer said this too)…then amir and ryan came back to beat us…kinda lame but oh well it was our fault for losing too much

I stand corrected, and good shit on those 3 green bar victories. :smokin:

Yeah this was a fun tourney and it ran quickly too.
I had some awesome casuals with everybody.
Good times and congrats to the champs. :tup:

hungbee is the master of combos!!! NICE!!! and 2/3 shouldve been for loser finals too, but hey, its over now. GG everyone!

Amir won’t stop, he can’t stop

AI should make Thursday night weeklies

GG’s everyone

I second this. :tup: