Arcade Infinity 3rd Strike "Yo, Aibou" 2vs2 Tournament 5/31 Complete Results

For those that do care, here are the complete results for the tournament.

16 Teams
31 Players

1st: Amir and Gootecks
2nd: Pyrolee and Sextaro I
3rd: Watson and HungBee
4th: EB Guy and Kai
5th: Mt. Sac … and Mt. Sac
5th: Jaha and DevilX
6th: IronFist and Ray Ramos
6th: Wes and Hai

My sincere apologies to Ken I and Pyrolee, as the Grand Finals did indeed change to best 2/3 due to my impromptu decision.

Highlights include HungBee’s team sending Amir to loser’s, where they later on took it back by beating HungBee and Watson in loser finals. IronFist also takes out ComboFiend and Kim early in the loser brackets.

Finals: Pyrolee and Ken I win Grand Finals, but as we finished before the Arcade even closed, Gootecks optioned for 2/3 and I allowed it. Amir and Gootecks proceeds to take out Pyrolee and Ken I 2 more times to reset them out of losers, then I believe Amir’s team won one set, and then Pyro’s, then Amir wins the final set.

I believe videos will be posted at later on, maybe not.

Tournament started at 7:30, using only the main cab, finals started around 9:45, tournament ended around 10:10.

Tournaments at AI take place in the scenario that no SoCal tournaments are being run, and will continue to do so in the absence of them, at least, if I run them.

Again my apologies to Pyro and Ken, I hope everybody had fun, and to those that missed out on Banana Bay afterwards, next time.

P.S. As there are no tournaments posted for SoCal AGAIN, look out for the next AI tournament (2v2/3v3) in the next couple of weeks.

u should have another team tourny next week