Arcade Infinity 3rd Strike "Yo, Aibou" Thurs. 2vs2 Tournament 5/31

No RanBats?! No Cal Poly?! In that case it’s time to run another tournament to help break the ice.

Arcade Infinity 3rd Strike Thursday May 31st, 2vs2 Double Elimination Tournament

Tourney Flyer:

2 vs 2 Single Match Double Elimination
Single Character Teams Only (No Chun-Li / Chun-Li Teams)
Allowed to switch characters once sent to Losers
$5.00 Per Person $10.00 a Team. $2 per team will go to the owner for his time.
36 Player Cap, 18 Teams Total.
Sign-Ups Start at 6:00 p.m. Ends at 6:55, late entries incurring a fee of $4.00 per team.
Seeding will occur

In the event that under 6 teams show up, the tournament will default to singles.

Last tournament there was a lot of traffic on the way to AI coming both ways, what was normally a 5-10 min. drive for me took about 1 hour. Last tournament also ended around 10:40 p.m with about 27 entrants. Late fees will be charged depending on the situation. If there are not enough people to start at 7:00 p.m. I will wait until 7:30 in order to finish close to 10:00. So technically if the tournament has started, you’re paying a late fee.

Again it is LOUD. Earplugs recommended.

A.I. is located in the back corner of Diamond Plaza, which is directly off the 60 FWY. Coming East, exiting Fullerton Rd. going straight will take you into Diamond Plaza. Going West, exiting Fullerton Rd. take a left, than a left at the next stoplight to get into the plaza.

P.S. If you would like to eat after the tournament, we usually go to Banana Bay afterwards.

P.S.S. Tell me what the title of the tournament means and have your team seeded.

Also it would do you good to know your damn team before you go. Please also create a team name so I don’t have use #'s.

Note: You may contact me through AIM @ HappyTangForU if you have questions or want to tell me you’re late.

Arcade Infinity (AI)
1380 S Fullerton Rd
Ste 206
Rowland Heights, CA 91748-1250

How about you seed these nuts…

I will definitely be getting in on this. :smile:
I already have a teammate in mind for this too.

Also, it means: “Yo, partner” :tup:


Wicked: Almost.

“Hey, partner”

why cant u use chuns?

he means no chun + chun teams.

Chun + ken is allowed though.

you’re all faggots.

ooo ok lolz clarified thank you …

Stop trolling the tourney thread.

You’ll be seeded… in a sub-bracket.

i need a partner for next thurs
hit me up

There isn’t a season finale of Lost or anything is there?

Screw it, you guys should be downloading that stuff anyways.

Oh yeah I forgot about that. :sweat:
Anyway i’m definitely entering this one.
Team Chromatic :lovin:

Btw (Horrible)DUdley, that avatar you have is actually of one of my friends who dressed up as him last year. :rofl:

lolz i find my avatar funny he got balls dresing like that :slight_smile: lolz but hes a lot smaller than the dudley dipicted in the game

What city is this in? Any idea how far away it is from Interface or from FFA?

rowland heights, about an hour from FFA… not sure but probably same for interface.

Tourney Flyer Posted,

Along with Address to AI.

Screw it. Team Bimmy and Jimmy will be there fo sho. :rock:

Anyone need a teammate?
I play Chun

I recommend any player who is in dire need of a team mate to hire Ronnie^^^^^ as your second, and I would hurry before some other lucky bastard gets him.

Ronnie are you back for good? Or just on a little break?

A bit of a break. Work has settled down a lot, so I have some time here and there.