Arcade Infinity GGXX Slash RanBats 1st Quarter

Last night I got into a car accident, so as of now, I can’t drive anywhere until I get my car fixed. Which means, I’m pretty sure there will NOT be a ranbat coming up this Friday, I’m sorry guys. I’m going to edit the other ranbat pages to let people know. I’ll let everyone know when RanBats will be ready again, but as for right now, they’re done.

I’ll be there, see you guys there.

An overheating, training dummy robot will try to make it.

shabu shabu?

You should have planned it on a weekday. It gets packed on Friday night.

are the sticks still broken?

arent they always.

I let the owner know that on Friday when we come in, I’ll have him touch up the sticks if they’re giving us any trouble.

Phaethon… Read this post and give me a ride!

Hey, is it going to start at 8 in the morning or what?

A few friends and I are coming. I’ll bring my crappy zappa =D

Uhm, no. 8PM. Sorry for the confusion. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hah, alright. I don’t havta ditch school to go than lol.

ditto, i dont have to ditch schoolio

I’ll be there to play and to help out. Seeing as this tourney will be single elim, what does everyone think about having a match between the people who tie for 3rd to see who gets 4th? It’s not necessary, but we can give one more point to the 3rd place guy.

i think AI’s owner would appreciate a tourney day between monday through thursday (or even wednesday). Fridays and weekends are way too crowded and youre looking for trouble if you wanna do ranbats on friday. Secondly, the GGXX location isnt really good to have a tournament since its in the back section and there aint too much walking space there anyway. Unless theres only gonna be 8 people max entering, you might have a problem with spectators, and people wanting to play the adjacent games.

I’m all up for bringing more people and business to AI, but these are the things you will need to consider if you want a successful tourney.

Yeah, I know the area back there is pretty small (so do a bunch of the players) but it is going to be a single elimination tournament, so it’ll run by pretty quick. I talked with the owner and he said it was fine with him, so…

We’ll see how it turns out tomorrow.

Hopefully the sticks will be Good… :X… and do you have an estimite time that you will start the tourney?

Crap sorry about this guys but something came up on my end so I wont be able to make it :(. Have fun guys and I’ll see you at the next one hopefully.

That’s too bad Jaime --maybe next time :confused:

Sign-ups for the ranbat start at 8. I’m hoping to start the tourney at 9 or maybe a little before if no more sign-ups come in. Try to be on time, though it is Friday and traffic is bad, so I understand why you would be late. :stuck_out_tongue:

ic… ic… hmmm hopefully all goes well :X