Arcade Infinity Melty Blood Players

Post up.

Please keep the stupid shit in the main AI thread.

So far it’s Scott, Me, Ivan, Wicked, Wicked’s friend, Bumblebee James.

Go tonight

and eb guy and Regis

don’t lump me in with the rest of you guys, I don’t play MB. It’s arcana heart for me, cause I am otaku like that. :looney:

you should play it =(

you’re good at every fighting game anyways, for real

not marvel :sad:

Fuck you. I play this more than 66% of the people on that list. =(

Shiki Tohno 4ever.

Ok um. I went tonight and all that was there was Regis (Who was playing drum/guitar mania) and FOBs playing between AH and MB.


I was there too but I ended up playing a little bit of 3rd and some Pop N Music. :sweat:

i left around 8pm.

those fobs are too funny.

next day i’ll go is probably thursday

actually i might try to zoom down there tonight, see if Correction Edition is there.

scott was tough to beat tonight =/

I didn’t get there til 9 and I saw that group huddle at the MB machine.
Didn’t feel like playing them though.

Let us know if its there yet. :wonder:


kissie kissies :lovin:

sup ash

we’ll try to remember to hit you up when we’re up there

i’ve been playing with some new comboes to bring my average damage output to 3700-4000. i’ve actually been working on bara-cancelling, its good shit, but only if you know the timing of your opponant’s block string…

and White Len is way too slow for me… but her dash is pretty sick…

AI installed ver.B2 today

Sweet. :wgrin:

Babies 2?

i melt the blood can i be part of the club

yay Ron.

Hope I was able to help you some tonight. Playin 3 hrs ftw.