ARCADE INFINITY - Official Thread for SF4 Ranbat Season 3! RanBat 3.3! 2/7/10

So things are gonna be a little different this time around.

1 thread for all AI Ranbats.
Less clutter and less threads to check.

Another “one big” results thread will go in the tournament results section as they come in.

No more lame SF4 announcer quotes!

What to expect from this thread?

[]Ranbat 3.1 - 3.6 announcements and pre-reg sign up pages
]Possible team tournament discussions
[]Ladies of Street Fighter™ 2
]5v5 Epic Clash of Fists(possible tm)
Keep general AI discussion in the general AI thread in pac south


and more importantly


PRE-REG Links will appear here.

Open pre-reg sign ups

[]Ranbat 3.1 pre-reg will go live 11/6 10am
]Ranbat 3.2 pre-reg link


[]12/6 Ranbat 3.1
]1/10 Ranbat 3.2

Official Rules for Season 3
Taken from here


Standard Stuff First
[]2/3 games in winners and losers
]3/5 games in grand finals (unless 2/3 by choice)
[]$5 entry ($1 will NOT be taken this time to a bigger pot, winner with most points WILL get a special prize though)
]Pot split 70% 20% 10%
[]ALL RanBats will start NO LATER THAN 2:00 pm, if you arrive after that don’t be surprised if you are sent to losers bracket first match
]FOR ALL RANBATS YOU MUST PRE-REGISTER ONLINE. Upon announcing a new ranbat day, a pre-reg page will go up.
[]The pre-reg page will be posted at a specific time (TBD each time). Making if fair for all registrants
]On the DAY of the ranbat you MUST check in with the tournament organizers. This way we mark you down as paid and you can PLAY. If you DO NOT we assume you are not there. NO EXCEPTIONS.
[*]Not a soul will be accepted after 64 people in a bracket.

IMPORTANT notes on Pre-registration:
[LEFT]1. show up ON TIME. or expect to be DQ’d first round
** 2. pre-reg is FREE **
3. if you pre-reg and give us cancellation notification, ITS OK, we understand TO CANCEL YOUR REGISTRATION SIMPLY REPLY TO THE EMAIL YOU GET SHORTLY AFTER REGISTERING. it goes straight to us
4. if you pre-reg and don’t show up (or give notification) FUCK you and you’re banned from the next one.


[]Ranbat points will be distributed thusly
]1st - 8pts
[]2nd - 7pts
]3rd - 6pts
[]4th - 5pts
]5th - 3pts
[*]7th - 1pt
Misc notes and FAQ:

[]Ranbats will usually end around 10pm the latest
]Do NOT wander off for a long time without telling the bracket runners. If we say its ok then you can go get your precious drink with balls in it.
[]Stay attentive for your name being called, we know AI is loud but we also need you to pay attention. or tell a buddy to listen out for you.
]There will be console set up on site as a 3rd SF4 set up. If you do NOT wish to play on it LET US KNOW, we’ll do our best to accommodate you. Feel free to bring your own stick as well. Also no console characters, sorry guys!
[*]Occasionally, i might ask help from people to bring a complete SF4 set up (1 monitor/tv, 1 ps3/xbox & copy of the game) your help would be GREATLY appreciated and nicely rewarded.
Edits and changes:

Results & Points Tally.
Master Results Thread

Top 8 Results

1.Combojack (Sagat)
2.Keno (Balrog, Sagat)
3.Vicious ( Rufus)
4.Mike Ross (E.Honda, Zangief)
5.Combofiend ( Abel, Akuma)
5.Umeshoryu ( Ryu, Sagat)
7.Ironfist ( sagat)
7. E$ (Zangief)

Honorable Mentions

9.Bryant the Tyrant (Balrog)
9.Chai Thai ( Ryu)
9.Legend of Lore ( Blanka)
9.Dae (Chun-li)

Current Point Leaders

1.Combojack - 8 pts
2.Keno - 7 pts
3.Vicious - 6 pts
4.Mike Ross - 5pts
5.Combofiend - 3 pts
5.Umeshoryu - 3pts
7.Ironfist - 1pts
7. E$ - 1pts

…I love announcer quotes.

Darn, I wish its on the 13th instead of 6th lol … Oh well

No Console Characters still???:wasted::bluu:



Actually tony the last ranbat had like 2 tvs set up with seth unlocked. Maybe you can work something out with shoo. Or just bring out that sexy Fuerte.


Seth is a Arcade character…!!!

U just can’t select him… lol :wink:

Yeah it sucks the console characters are just being ignored. It’s like they never had a chance :wasted:

Sign ups are closed all spots are full!

Remember if youd like to cancel your entry just reply to the email that was sent to you after entering your info in the pre-reg.

and dont forget the ban rule!

actually your wrong, there was one t.v set-up, with no gouken or seth because i have not unlocked them yet.

Arcade characters only.

cant wait! hopefully nothing gets in my way so i can go to this. and i guess i will have to practice some sf4 before i go to this. i promise i will practice… maybe

There’s a lot of names i’m happy to see join us.

This is gonna be a good one!

and one name no one likes :3


guessing that’s me.

see you their :wink:

I wanna see some of those sexy Abel skills Busta :wgrin:

oh fml, pre reg is closed!

damnit i fuxd ups really goods.

anyone drop that i can swoop on that spot?

if someone drops shoo, lmk. i became interested after you posted 'tournaments will end around 10pm.

ok maybe i announced it kinda far away.

i wanna do it already fuckdammit

I like how you put a fucking little smiley face at the end of all your posts like the faggot you are. You think some small hiatus makes it ok for you to just reappear?

Your debacle was like 9/11 to me son, I’ll never forget. Stop popping in with your little quirks, you blow ass at BlazBlue, you blow ass at SF4, and you blow ass at MM’s. That leaves nothing for you in the arcade.