Arcade Infinity RanBat Warm Up Tournament - 3/1 - SF4 Results


Ill post complete results when kai emails me the complete file

Off the top of my head

  1. Keno
  2. Gootecks
  3. Fuson909

good shit to all the new guys comin out. you are the shit

great seeing everyone:pray:

sanchez GGs in brawl but TBH your wario could use improvement.


This was the shit! Gootecks o0o0oo0 our match was godlike. Dare I say the best Balrog Vs. Balrog match ever!


Big ups to my boy keno! Finally! On the road to SBO! Haha :wink: Rog nation!

Fuson! Keep up with them sf4 vacations :wink:

Gootecks always places so it ain’t a surprise…

Wished I could have been there but got some housing issues to attent to…

I’ll see yall soon… Promise…

Taking this shit to another level SON!


Random two and out! YES! My life is AWESOME! OMFG Kai, leave me alone!



9th place for niggles.


John Rog, I’ll holla at you about getting that science in your life.

THANKS to all the new people who showed up. We got some strong showings and I hope to see you guys again.

Props to “WAIT TILL YOU SEE MY RICK” for turning the tables on me for styling on him. Teleporting after my teleport! FUCKING DRAGON BALL Z COMBOZ!

And big ups to MTSAC for turning Guile into a game of BEATMANIA.

Thanks to MYK for helping me with the hustle on the 1st hit gambling.

No ups to SANCHEZ for being a complete jackass.

See ya’ll next time.


Good shit to everyone i played today, oh Keno it always has to come down me and you. Bring it home for the 94 once again come BAR FIGHTS! Our exhibition was straight murder, I’ve been paying console too much.





Good shit everybody, lot of sick matches/moments. and top it off with the fucking boxing ring match gootecks vs keno, good stuff.

shout out to dj vest, mad cool dude taught me alot of things, ill be seeing you at ai for sure.

shout out to rickstah, good fucking game, fuck dhalsim :rofl:

and sanchez, you gotta give me a chance to get my coins back in that 1 hit gamble… :lol:

i didnt do wonderfully but i definatley enjoyed it, met alot of new people and learned alot of new things, and the energy and the hype was awesome!!

looking forward to seeing you guys at the next ranbat and hopefully ill beat more then one person next time!

peace the fuck out!


9th for me too.
Seriously I felt like I played pretty crappy, getting too comfy with the home version & stomping scrubs at gamestop.
Gonna start going to AI more often again.:nunchuck:

Sanchez - fuck you, I’ll see you in San Jose sir. :smile:

edit Can we NOT do the next tournament on 3/15 please. A lot of us have to go to fly/drive to Gamestop Round 3 that weekend.


Awesome tourney yesterday… I had the curage to work 36hrs stright then represent on the ai tourney after without sleep yayyy…

7th place for a first tourney that was great…:smile:

Shoutouts to gootecks for a awesome match up… it was a honor of stepping in the fighting pits in the game with u. By the way thanks for the compliments of ways I played. …:smile:

Keno: once again we must play low tier marvel again soon

Mike Ross: Honored of playing that game we wont say which one it is lol…

Sanchez… I owe you a token lol… Thanks for the support against the gootecks match up…

Cameron: awesome meeting you and show up to AI more often

Kryojenix… awesome melty blood match up which im still learning lol…

Pete: got to show up for the next tourney dude :smile:

Where was tatsu :amazed: ???

RIP: awesome first match…

CSB: go to ai… I will be there and we got to hang out more…

Bryant… good seeing you and we should play marvel again soon

Beebop… good 3rd strike battle

Well to the players I went up against it was a honored and awesome matches hope to be there again for the next tourney…


Top 5 was

  1. Keno the Cock Fighter
  2. Gootecks
  3. Fuson909
  4. Combojack
  5. Mosqueezie
  6. Armdizzle

I think





I said it once and I’ll say it again. FUCK YES.

That shit was so good. But on some realness, that console shit has been fuckin my game up disgustingly. The combination of the speed difference along with using a controller? fahhhck

But either way, being my first real tournament, I had a fucking blast even tho I fuckin scrubbed it up like nobodies business.

Good shit to all the conteders. Just wish I had more of a clue about who the fuck is who on here :wonder:

Congratulations to Keno, Gootecks and Fuson, you guys were fuckin INTENSE.

That last fight was so god damn epic. :pray:

One thing tho, and I hope I’m not like, burned at the stake for this, but where are the FAMILY FUN tournaments at? AI is great, but so fucking FAR.

But anyway, I gotta thank Gootecks for givin me the heads up about this shit and holdin it down with that fuckin podcast. GOOD SHIT!


good shit keno and all placers! ugh i wish i wasnt a poor fuck. ill try to make it out to the next tourny.


RanBat Season 2!!


someone post full results!

grats keno! kai what the fuck happened to your japanese blanka?


ggs to everyone i played yesterday, i had a great time. wasn’t smart picking up viper 2 days before the tourney lol. THat was one helluva lucky match i had against Kyro in the Viper Mirrior, i mean really lucky. cant wait for the next tourney. Also nice meeting u gootecks, im definitley planning on going to that street fighter event u were mentioning



I think i did ok, but I’ll do better next time :lol:

my heart was pounding in my first match, but i managed to pull it off and got the “W”:rofl:

Shout Outs to all the Sagat players yesterday! MYK,Jack,Ironfist,and the other guy that beat me,sorry dont really know ur name. Also, all the new people i got to meet:lovin:

I will for sure go to the next ranbat.



Glad to see all the new faces. Hope to see more of you at the next tournament.