Arcade Infinity Ranking Battle #3.4 - Feb. 28, 2010 - SF4 - Rowland Heights, CA

Been a while since I posted a results thread for an AI tourney lol, but it was fun and easy to run, I hope everyone had fun playing because I had fun running it. :bgrin:

Top 8:

  1. Combojack (Sagat) +8pts
  2. Mike Ross (Honda, Ken, Blanka) +7pts
  3. Ken I (Rufus, Akuma) +6pts
  4. Keno (Balrog, Sagat) +5pts
  5. Hugo101 (Bison, Rufus) +3pts
  6. Evil Elvis (Sagat) +3pts
  7. Richard Nguyen (Sagat) +1pt
  8. Kai (El Fuerte) +1pt

Updated Point Tally
30 - ComboJack
15 - Keno
14 - Ken I
13 - Mike Ross
8 - Hugo 101
8 - Gootecks
7 - Kai
7 - Mr. KOF
6 - Joe Dubbs
6 - Vicious
4 - Richard Nguyen
3 - Dj Divine
3 - Killa Kai
3 - Combofiend
3 - UmeShoryu
1 - Coffee
1 - Ironfist
1 - E$

Congrats to ComboJack for winning another one! For those keeping track, he’s won 3 out of 4 tourneys this season. Also, Mike Ross used Blanka for one game in Grand Finals, congrats to him for making Grand Finals for the first time this season! This is Evil Elvis’ first time placing Top 8 at an AI Ranbat so high five to him.

In order for Jack to not win the season, Keno must win the next two Ranbats and Jack must be kept out of Top 8 completely. Jack has almost ensured the season’s victory last night. At best, Ken can tie it up with two wins if Jack doesn’t make Top 8. Both scenarios are highly unlikely though, so pre-congrats to Jack for most likely winning Season 3! :pray:

Thank yous:
shoo for letting me run it, Warren for helping with registration and the brackets and Vicious for finding fools that wandered off. Also thanks to AI for having us, Scott for recording the videos which will be up on the Arcade Infinity YouTube Channel very soon. And of course, Sanchez for doing commentary, I think we make a good team! Hopefully everyone enjoyed leaving before 9PM, I think I’ve set a new AI Ranbat runtime record of just over five hours lol. :smokin:

Hey just curious, why doesn’t Ed Ma participate in any tournaments any more? =\

Good work, gentlemen.

Goo–You run a tight ship.


Thanks man, commentary was a lot of fun with you, sir. :encore:

thank you ryan for running one of the smoothest tournaments i’ve ever played. it was great to see everybody again.

Why u flip me off at level | UP <3 p.s. for reals yeb was scared as fuck of guile I was surprised u didnt do well vs keno with guile cause yeb always hates that MU.

oh and good shit Jack did mike ross even play in grand finals he told me whenever he has to play jack he is just gonna forfeit instead lol. good stuff.

ed ma is a family man

That was a smooooth tourney~ Much appreciation to Ryan and Warren for their hard work.

Sorry I couldn’t stick around. The fam beckoned… wanted to get more 3s in…

GS to all the placers!