Arcade Infinity "Ret's Pray" 3v3 Tournament 3rd Strike

Thanks again to all the people that sat through traffic and made it to the tournament. My apologies for having started late.

9 Teams of 3.

1st: Team KKB (Ken I, Bean, Kai)
2nd: Team 3 (Ray Ramos, Ironfist, Sanchez)
3rd: Team 626 (Gootecks, HungBee, Watson)
4th: Team 9 (Edma, Kim, MattxChin)
5th: Team 4 (Sebastian, Brendon, Phil)
5th: Team 7 (Don, Jaha, DevilX)

Team 1 (Surewin, Hai, Stan)
Team 6 (Dander, Derrick, Andrew)
Team 8 (John, Jose)

Entry Fee was raised to $5.

Thanks again for coming guys.

Also, the tournament is not going to be run bi-weekly or anything, it was simply started in order to get in one last tournament before SBO.

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