Arcade Infinity Singles Tournament 9/12/2010 RESULTS & SHOUTOUTS

Top 8 Results:

1 Combofiend (Guy, Abel)
2 Hugo101 (Dictator, Rufus)
3 Richard Nguyen (Akuma)
4 Keno (Boxer, Adon)
5 DJ Divine (Juri, Cammy, Rufus)
5 Gootecks (Rose)
7 AndyOCR (Dictator)
7 Marn (Dudley)

We had a total of 95 sign-ups (the biggest number out of all past AI ranbats and tournaments), 75 of whom were present. Ridiculous numbers of byes were handed out.

With the help of console setups, I was able to finish up the tournament within 7 hours (3pm-10pm), and definitely within the arcade’s official closing times. Big thanks to Evilragnarok, LainySky, and Gootecks (I totally didn’t expect it, thank you especially) for bringing console setups, and Choysauce for still volunteering. I hope people weren’t too cramped playing on 3 consoles right next to each other.

Thanks to ODS, LainySky, Gootecks and Yielder for helping me assign people to stations. I wasn’t able to have a separate copy of the bracket for bracket runners this time, but I’ll figure something out next time so I don’t have to yell out names alone until my voice is completely shot.

SHGL – sorry I ultra’d your Blanka ball and ultra ><
Richard – I wish my characters (actually they do but) had a book’s worth of safe jump/option select/derp derp mixup/etc.! j/k gg’s to you and gl w/ your coding homework.
Keno – I think I’m dreaming 'cuz I won a set from you! But that Rog of yours is just too beasty. stop throwing me =(
unprotectedSEX/NeREMIXED/Beefcake – thank you guys for coming all the way up from SD. sorry to NeREMIXED that you had to play Justin on your 1st match ^^;;

Lastly, thank you everyone for participating and putting up with me during the tournament!

If I forgot anyone/anything just post here and call me a dick! :nono:

EDIT: I did forget people…

Kai – thanks for your words of encouragement, and sorry you had to fight waaaay too many matches until you reached almost top 8 =(
James Chen & ODS – sorry there was no recording/commentating! next time I’ll get things right.
Ken aka AI Big Boss – thank you for letting me host the tournament at AI! Without you none of this would’ve been possible – this tournament, and pretty much my music game/fighting game career. If it weren’t for AI I wouldn’t be here. Thanks for the chance for me to give back.

Rest of the results within top 32:

9 Clockw0rk
9 Jayce the Ace
9 Fwooshy
9 Kai
13 Clutchlikekobe
13 Mr. KOF
13 Monster Mash
13 Justin Wong
17 Aww Doom
17 LSB
17 XBlades
17 Beefcake
17 unprotectedSEX
17 Chris Towner
17 negroMAT
17 Ume Shoryu
25 Blk_brotha
25 E$Money
25 James Chen
25 Bizzle
25 Tonycrust
25 Bryant the Tyrant
25 ODS

Yey me for doing homework still till this hour =\

Awesome tournament :slight_smile: great turn out! We need another one asap Chris! Great job hosting it though. It went relatively smooth! I think I should get you a mini voice amp next time so you don’t lose your voice after shouting all those names out :stuck_out_tongue:

good jobz running teh tournament. :bgrin:

Pretty big turnout.

Good shit to everyone that played i did the best i ever did at a tourney winnign mroe than 2 matches woo!

Any vids of this? Pretty interesting results.

Divine: "XBlades and KOF"
Me: fk man, NOT YET!!!

i think you got shgl and me mixed up in the results but good shit chris
will be up there for the next one for sure

Fwooshy Happy =], Chris you owe me 1$ for beating me.

did Jwong lose or he just didnt play?

Thx Chris for the hard work and patience! GGs

I’d suggest a projector or something where you can type the names up so people can read who’s up and playing.

Good to see my nigga Arhmond aka “Blk_brotha” still staying alive and playing.

also who did justin use for the tourney?

yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa HUGO101 good job :)!!!

I have the greatest idea for the next event…

Sakura the whole time.