Arcade Infinity Team Tourney 3v3 May 9th Wed. "Ret's Pray!"

May 9th, 3rd Strike Wednesday 3v3 Double Elimination

Due to the lack of tournaments thereof, I have decided to throw a tourney at the one and only Arcade Infinity. It will take place on May 9th, which is the Wednesday before SBO Qualifiers. Those that have been to the previous tourneys are familiar with the setup. Japanese Cab, Big Screen, I believe they are Sanwa sticks. At no point shall we use the smaller cabs, unless a time constraint is put into play, thus allowing for casual play on the side. Reminder to all that AI also has Melty Blood along with Arcana Hearts for those that may care for some side competition.

Here are the rules:

3v3 Double Elimination, Single Match.
Same character on one team ALLOWED.
May not switch characters.
$2.00 per person $6.00 per team.
Signups at 6:00 pm. Entries after 6:55 pm will incur a late fee of $4.
Will start at 7:00 pm EXACTLY.
Capped at 36 players, 12 Teams.
Seeding will occur.

P.S. In the event that less than 4/5 teams show up, the tourney will default to singles.

This means that you better be registered by 6:55, or your team entry fee will be $10. Again a reminder that AI must close by 10:00 pm, with maybe a tiny bit of leeway. Arcade Infinity uses tokens, so be prepared.

Also a reminder to those with sensitive ears. It is LOUD. Earplugs recommended.

FYI after the tournament a small after party MAY take place at one of the local establishments. If you intend on coming I would suggest bringing some extra cash.

A.I. is located in the back corner of Diamond Plaza, which is directly off the 60 FWY. Coming East, exiting Fullerton Rd. going straight will take you into Diamond Plaza. Going West, exiting Fullerton Rd. take a left, than a left at the next stoplight to get into the plaza.

This is not a Resurrection of the BiWeekly tournaments.

If I don’t have a team by the team I get there, I might ask Derrick and Andrew if they want to be in my team.

Likely Ray will hog Tony

Correction. Ray and Sanchez will hog Tony.

Team RFC for SBO, motherfuckers.

Wtf is Team RFC anyway?

Sanchez Dander Ray?

Sanchez. Tony. Ray.

Dander is part of Team RFC 2- Dander. Jose. John. He’s also sometimes part of Team “We Don’t Play at Camelot”- Derrick. Andrew. Dander.

Can somebody make a flyer again please -_-

I threw this one together really quickly.
Feel free to use it if you can’t get a better one.


Fuck this tourney.

see you fags on wednesday.

ps: $2 wtf, make it $5!

James, I seriously wouldn’t bother.


and btw, the big screen controls are NOT sanwas

don’t every throw me in the mix with john and jose I would never waste my money that way.

It’s usually always me Tony and Mike T.

But Ray’s been hogging tony and so I go with Derrick and Andrew cause they’re pretty fucking good.

so if this is happening I’ll talk to them to see if we go.

Yea, it’s happening.

Fuck Amir and company, I wish you guys would post some shit if you guys are going.

Most of the FFA heads will be there.

Also, screw anybody that doesn’t go because they need to stay at home and watch Lost, when they can just download the damn episodes 5 min after their aired, with no commercials.

P.S. Rules Updated. Tourney will default to singles if there aren’t enough teams.

me, Vic and Amir, so lenin, i give u Tony.


so…raymond, who’s our third?? if amir isn’t in our team i might be able to bring a 3rd…

Raymond-Any chance of getting a list of people who said they’d show? And what exactly is the point of having no character limits?

A couple heads from UCR will be going to this for sure-

The no character bar is there to allow more people to team up. Putting a character bar maybe not allow many of the players to be at the top of their game. Of course, if you’re going for SBO practice, this shouldn’t be an issue, because if your team can’t take out 3 Chun’s -_- you’re not getting that far in SBO.

Amir is obviously confirmed to go, however Vic is iffy and Yi is a no show. Obviously there is the Regency crew, along with the select of the AI crew, minus maybe EB Guy because he doesn’t want to miss Lost. There will also be some random people that you maybe have never seen as always. Maybe Ryan will see the light, with a few other FFA heads.

Regardless, I’m pretty sure everybody here is ok with it defaulting to singles if need be, which from what I can see, won’t be the situation.

What about the fact that if your team is composed of 3 Chuns you’re not allowed to play in SBO?

C’mon, man. Be honest here.