Arcade Infinity THE LAST HURRAH! Results

Thanks everyone for coming out. This was the absolute last tournament that would be held at AI, so I hope everyone enjoyed it.

1 Nima (Akuma)
2 ComboJack (Fei Long, Ryu, Sagat)
3 Fuson909 (Guile)
4 Hugo101 (Dictator, Rose)
5 Tatsu (Claw)
5 LainySky (C. Viper)
7 OnlineTony213 (Seth)
7 Mr. KOF (Ken)

Not much else to say – sad that my tournament-running gigs are no more, sad that I didn’t get top 8 (I got 9th), and most importantly, sad that Shoo still didn’t show up.

Shoo, have you been trolling me the entire time? :clown:

I lied. The thing I’m the most sad about is that AI will be no more as of next week. But I’ll save you the tear-jerking storytelling. Catch me at West Coast Warzone 3.

Smoke weed.
Fuck bitches.
Get money.

Thank you AI, my last day was my most memorable one to date. I shall miss you dearly. dont cry for me, im already dead.

My great thanks goes to Jeffrey Dee for sponsoring me for this tournament.

I think the thing I’m most sad about is the people that I have met at AI, and for the people that I might have met at AI if AI were to stay open for longer.

R.I.P., Arcade Infinity.

Damn… Training my abel like crazy hoping to one day get top 8 at this arcade with top players in it. O well i guess it’ll have to be somewhere else!

dang - bye ai! although i only knew this place for 3 months… it still meant alot to me. :frowning:

Thanks for the past few tournaments Divine, it’s been fun.

LOL Nima winning the last AI tourney, thats sick. Good shit dude.

Fuck this dump.

EDIT-Also is that a mindless one in your Dorm avatar? You my nigga for life.

haha it was! Don’t hate me X:

Stop playing with my emotions!