Arcade Infinity Thnks fr th Mmrs AE Tournament Results

I personally like Arcade Edition a lot (I prefer it over console) and I’m glad AI got to have a tournament on it before it closed for good. Here are the results:

1 Jayce the Ace (C. Viper)
2 Tatsu (Claw)
3 Ed Ma (Ken)
4 LainySky (C. Viper)
5 ComboJack (Fei Long)
5 VictheSlik (Dictator)
7 DJ Divine (Juri, Rufus)
7 Gootecks (Rose)

Special thanks to:

  • Scott for handling video capture for top 8
  • Ed Ma for showing up
  • XSK Samurai and Mike Chow (even though XSK ended up not being able to come) for coming down from Fresno
  • MvC3 console cabinet for keeping most of the tournament players from walking too far away for me to chase down
  • C. Viper, albeit extremely broken, for keeping many rounds from going past 20 seconds
  • Last but not least, Ken and AI for having us for the last time (I wish it weren’t)

I think I have work on President’s Day… You can find me in the club, bottle full of bub… :tdown:

I’ll miss AI.

reserved. top 8 video links will be posted here:

Jason “curfew kid” nghe wins!

yesss, this one ended early. Even had time to hang out with mr.vic afterwards :smiley:

they need a thanks for the mammaries tournament

Ed ma playin ken again lol.