Arcade joystick buyer


first time on the forum looking for someone who would like to sell their stick even if
it does not work due to the fact that i only need the shell of it… or if anyone has an agetec dreamcast stick
all i want to do is play on my dreamcast to get better…since there are a lot of people transitioning to sfv i know people wouldnt mind getting rid of there old sticks


This belongs in the Trading Outlet.


thank you so much


@chazzitup you also might want to check the rules. Might be 6 months or 50 posts before you’re allowed to buy/sell/trade. I’m 90% that’s the case for selling.


wow… ill look that up thanks for the help


Buying is allowed by anyone no matter how long they’ve been on SRK. Trading & selling require you be a member of SRK for at least 6 months AND have at least 50. No exceptions.

But you’re good trying to buy.


What’s your budget?