Arcade Joysticks for Sale!


I’ve been on here for a while, but have just barely started to break into the online business. Well here is my thread, I am offering fully cusomizable arcade style joysticks to anyone who wants them. My current web site is live and running 24/7.

I work in all formats. PS2/Xbox360/Xbox/GC/DC/Sega Saturn/PC-MAC. I can outfit any compatability. I also work in any hardware format, Japanese or American.

Since I’m just barely starting out everyone gets rock bottom prices.

“Convertible Top” PSX HAPP Comp + Comp Buttons = 90$

All other formats can be individually priced at the order page on my website or directly through here.

This is a chance for the community to get their hands on some great stuff. I hope to hear from you all soon.

sample please

Check the website. Or check this THREAD .I will constantly updating both each week as more are produced.

how much are your all sanwa sticks?

Lay me down some speifics, Console Format, hardware selection. I can price one out about $110 for a base PSX/PS2 Sanwa JLF + OBSN.

^yeah psx/ps2 ds with sanwa jlf and osbn’s. how much would it cost to wire for an xbox too? if that’s feasible with you

Do you want project box (DB15 connector) or just 2 PCBs in one case?

inform me on what a project box is again? what i was thinking of is like one cord from the box that splits into the xbox/psx/ps2 controller plug thing

I tried using your order form on the website but I guess my internet is acting up. I’m looking for an american style button format. PS2/Xbox compatible. Happs joystick and buttons are fine. Can you tell me how much the shipping to San Francisco would be ?

Sangalang: The “project box” design is a DB15 connecter in the joystick and you hook up prehacked pads put inside little boxes. It’s one of the easier ways to do muti format sticks with out having to add Relays and resistors and whatnot.

Shin0bi: I got your e-mail and replyed to you. Priorty USPS mail will be 14$. Unless you want to go through UPS/DHL/FedEX. I can price those for you too.

so how much would it be for a project box with
xbox/psx/ps2 compatibility
japanese style layout, all sanwa, osbn and jlf

and would they be in a megalo 50 case thing like on the website or do you have other cases

Currently on the newest case design which will debut next weekend, most likely at the RSTD invitational. It will be called “Tinylo” and feature a full metal panel(can be replaced with lexan) just as the Megalo50 design except more compact.

A Megalo DB15 connect XB/PS2, All Sanwa Parts. I’ll say 130-140$ + shipping which will be around 10-15$ (The Megalo design with lexan is very lightweight and durable)

“Convertible Tops” can also be outfitted for the same format for no extra charge.

xbox/psx/ps2 compatibility - project box
japanese style layout, all sanwa, osbn and jlf
convertible top (can you make like a latch to keep it closed)

price quote?

120$ + Shipping.

And you dont need a latch. It stays closed. Just ask Decoy, he is very happy with his stick and is currently tearing up the Xbox360 live scoreboards because of it.:wgrin:

I guess my email is slow at the moment beucase i haven’t received you email. If you can you send me a PM with the price quote ?

PM sent. Thanks for the inquiry.

I’ll be honest. Your sticks are at best decent. The style of your boxes is a bit outdated and your paintjobs/lexan cuts are lackluster (concerning given “convertible-top.”) I’m not trying to hate… But, before you consider yourself an all-out business perfect your craft. Also, I doubt the megalo50 cab is readily available for you, so thats a bit of BS mate.

lol… good luck with your buisness

hes just used to playing on a champions stick

E-bortion: Hey you know what, Thanks for your “opinion” but seriously, Sorry bro. Dont care. Good for you if you want to come in here and talk bad about my stuff and whatnot, But I’ve been building sticks for a good 6 years now and I’m always changing case designs and format compatability. I never really sold joysticks to people who weren’t close friends or dudes I played with at the arcades, And 90$ for a full HAPP PSX DS1 stick, Is the cheapest price you’ll find most anywhere. Sorry for trying to hook up the commmunity with affordible joysticks and not building cases that bite Finkle/Byrdo/Dreaded Fist Case designs. But hey man if you arent going to buy one, oh well. I’m not sweatin it.

DJ-Matrix: Dude Thanks alot, I love your work.That Johnny stick with the snakeskin you made was awesome.

Hey Mikei, I was wondering if you could quote me a price for an Xbox stick. Semitsu LS-32-01 and Sanwa OBSN buttons. I might be looking for an Xbox stick in a few months depending on how things go with finding a decent convertor, so I’d like to see some alternatives to the other builders (I ordered a stick from finkle for PSX, but I don’t plan on dropping another $200 on a stick that will get probably half the use).

Good luck in getting up and running. I actually really like the convertible top design and the fact that you’re not just using generic cases and copying what other builders are doing. I know if you would have started up before i had ordered my stick from finkle I would have gone to you instead, those prices are great man, the best of luck to you.