Arcade Joysticks for Sale!

I wasn’t hating. Sorry if my constructive and intentionally positive criticism kicked your ass. I’d love to see your designs further and get better, so on and so forth. Peace.

Damn Straight :rofl:

E-bortion : Seriously bro, stop it. I’m not having it and your the only one building up your own ego. So if you really want flame me for this? please be a civil adult and just PM me insults I would like to keep the thread for customers and intrested buyers only like all the other joystick threads.

ZeroX12: Seimetsus are little tricky to get a hold of at the moment, but if your looking in like 2-3weeks I’m sure I can get it for you. I just have to talk to my Supplier in downtown. But yea for sure I can make it for you, place an inquiry with your Zip code on the order page on the website or just PM/reply here. Thanks alot for the intrest man.

I was more looking for a general price for one, but since you don’t know about the Seimitsus yet just replace it with a Sanwa JLF. If I need another stick it won’t be for another few months because it depends on if I can get a good convertor for the one I just ordered off of finkle, I just wanted to see how much it would cost for a similar stick from you.

Since I’m just starting out I’ll give out the cheap-o prices.

XBOX “Converible Top” JLF + OBSN = 110$ plus shipping

Hey E-bortian, lets be fair, where the hell else are you going to find a custom under 100 really.

In lieu of me being such a bad business man and not caring about critism. Here’s the annoucment.

10$ off ALL orders in the next week, Yep thats right.

PSX HAPP COMP Stick + Buttons = 80$ + shipping
PSX SANWA JLF + OBSN = 100$ + shipping

All orders are custom designed with you in mind and our team of commissioned artists will draw you up any character/design you think of. Stay Tuned as the introduction of the new “TINYLO” brand of joystick will be debuting soon. Thank you all for the intrest.

Any chance of you being able to do a two-player enclosure only with a cutout for a 3" Happ trackball in the center? I like the layout of the new X-Arcade tankstick (except for the crappy button layout), but I hear they are marginal sticks at best. Plus, I already have Happ competition sticks and buttons, two PSX dual shock PCBs, and will get a Happ trackball once I get a enclosure built. I just need the box. Would that be a possibility? If so, please give me an idea of price. I can give you more specifics if need be. Thanks.

nice stick decoy



Happ comp stick wired for Xbox360. Made for Darklightjg1. To be shipped ASAP.

any idea how much it would be for that

octagate restrictor
sanwa jlf/osbn
360 format


i want a tinylo :3

I’m interested in pretty much the exact same stick, just with seimitsu buttons. How much would this be?

Mastererbetty: $160+shipping. Comes with custom artwork if you don’t want the regular design.

Shoo: 100$. I can meet you next week in Little Tokyo with it.

(0_0): $160+shipping. For 7$ more up grade to the Ps-14-k and get the clear buttons with art inside.

youll take it so i could see it?
or buy it?


So you can see it. Just tell me what platform you wanted it wired up for. I’ll take pics after paint.


can you do a sixaxis?

I would have to buy a new soldering iron and a Ps3 controller to do the six-axis. The solder points look relatively tiny.

ALSO, I’m going on the build on wednesday. If anyone still wants to get an order in, I can have the box finished by the end of the week most likely.

Well they are most certainly unique in style. Even though I don’t particularly like the box shape, I wish you the best of luck.

Price check for a 360(similar to SFAC stick) with 6 happs**(straight, not curved), and ps2(for sure)** and xbox compatible**(optional)**

Sorry everyone. Due to the lack of accessibility Seimetsu parts on the market and the huge amount of orders asking for said parts. I am going on a 1 month hiatus of build new custom orders. I’m going to be finishing off my current projects. Then take break and wait for akiharbarashop to reopen or for ponyboy to start dealing in a more open selection. Sorry everyone again who had interest in the sticks.