Arcade Layout (WIP) Help?

Here’s the my arcade layout so far. I plan to add a moon somewhere. . . not sure where though. Any other suggestions would be helpful. character by Hyung Tae Kim everything else by me and photoshop =3

Help me out guys! Thanks :slight_smile:

i’d adjust the color ont he girl to fit the night scene and put the moon anywhere you want.

copy the girl’s layer, fill it with blue, then change the layer mode to hue and slide down the opacity.

ahhh, I see. Thanks alot man. The printsize is going to A4. Do you think thats a decent size? I’ve started cutting the wood already so I cant change it if it isnt XD. The final box should then be A4 + the 3/4" of the wood.

P.S. What colour buttons + stick would look good? I was thinking black =3

I don’t think you need the grass in there. Blue buttons would look cool with the scheme.

a4 paper? thats kind of big. I would jsut print it out whatever size your wood panel is. A4 is 11x17.

Hmm. . . I’ve already cut the wood so it would be hard to change the size. Doesn’t seem too big to me, but then again, I can’t really see how big other custom sticks are by looking at the pics.

i’m not diggin the photoshop brush tool that looks like grass
other than that, it’s pretty sick. love the colors of the background

Yeh, the grass was part of the original plan i had imagined. . . After doing it I didn’t really like it either so I guess i’m gonna take it out. Ill do blue overlay like Dreaded Fist suggested to se how it goes. At the moment, I’m more concerned on building the box. . . trying to get hold of an electric sander T__T

Thanks for the replies :slight_smile: