I’m looking for the ARCADE layout for DOA 5, though I know it hasn’t been released inthe arcade yet.
Also, if you know the layouts for any FG other than SF, Marvel and MK, please post. I am working on a thread solely on arcade and professional player layouts…

Arcade layout for DOA is the one you see on non MadCatz X360 sticks. The one with the face buttons on a curve.

Thanks d3V. I may have not phrased it correctly. I am looking for the button layout, in terms of where P, K, Throw and Hold would be on an arcade layout. Perhaps a DOA 4 since they have yet to release an arcade machine for DOA 5 Ultimate…

(Punch) (Kick)

This has always been the DOA arcade layout, as far as I know.

more games on this page

Thanks DeadFrog! Your list is extensive. Persona 4 and Injustice aren’t listed, but can be added easily. My only suggestion would be to put a spoiler for shin00bi’s post to organize it a tad. Other than that, awesome stuff.

Hey, no problem. A handful of people assembled that list. Nobody is trying to keep that thread organized anymore: it’s yeeears old now!

For DOA, or at least DOA4, the arcade layout is whatever corresponds to:

which is

Punch Kick Throw

As can be seen in the Hori DOA4 FS EX.

I actually didn’t realize this until I asked MarkMan about why Microsoft mandated that layout and he mentioned that it was due to DOA4.

fwiw, the throw button is a macro (punch+free)