Arcade Legacy CHRISTMAS COMBAT 2 Cincy, OH 12/18/10 *3S, UMK3, MvC2, XvsSF, CvS2, PJ

As a thanks to all those who have supported the arcade, I bring you CHRISTMAS COMBAT 2. FREE tournaments, FREE cookies/candy/cake, Prizes, Raffle for a NICE stick and more! You do not want to miss this. This event is FREE to all SRK memebers and those who regularly attend fight night and tournaments. If you bring a guest, I will let them in for half price ($5). All I ask is that you bring some sort of treat for all to enjoy. Cookies/Candy/Cake/Pastries, whatever. Ask Grandma to make you a batch of her famous holiday cookies. I did last year and ended up with over 100 AMAZING cookies to share.

We will also have another raffle for a fight stick. Same type of deal as last year where the more tickets bought, the better the stick given away. the top tier stick for this raffle is NICE! A dual modded Hori HRAP EX-SE! Will raffle connoisseur Lee Hunter walk away with yet another stick? Thanks to all of you who bought tickets last year, I was able to purchase the Street Fighter III: Third Strike board that you all play non-stop. Almost $300 worth of tickets sold! The same will happen with this years money. Hopefully I can raise enough to get another Showcase, candy cab or other nice fighting cab for you all to enjoy. Anyone who buys tickets will be able to cast their vote for where the money goes. Tickets will be $5 and you can buy as many as you’d like to raise your chances at the stick (or sticks). I will also be raffling off some other goodies like DVDs, Blu-ray, Video Game soundtracks and whatever else I can drum up. The more tickets sold, the better the prize becomes:

1-30 tickets sold = Sanwa modded SE for PS3 ($80 value)
31-50 tickets sold = Hori HRAP EX for Xbox 360 ($100 value)
51-80 tickets sold = Dual modded Hori HRAP EX-SE ($200 value)
If we get over 80 tickets sold I will raffle off BOTH Hori sticks!

Now to the games. In trying to keep it fresh and interesting, all the main event games will be games we rarely play at tournaments. They will also ALL be on ARCADE machines! There will also be random select teams tournaments for the main four games right now.

MAIN EVENTS - Prize for the winner of each game!
*Marvel vs Capcom 2 (on the BIG BLUE cab!) - starts at 12pm
*Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 - starts at 1pm
*Street Fighter III: Third Strike - starts at 2pm
*Capcom vs SNK 2 - starts at 3pm
*Project Justice - Starts after MvC2 (roughly 5pm)
*X-Men vs Street Fighter - starts after 3S (roughly 6pm)

If my Astro is working by then, and it should be, we will be using that for tournaments as well. I may be adding a MARTIAL MASTERS tournament if I have the motherboard by then.

TEAMS TOURNAMENTS - Random partner selection. All of these will be 3v3 if 15 or more join. 2v2 is less than 15 join
*BlazBlue: CS - starts at 12:30pm
*Super Street Fighter IV - starts at 1:30pm
*Tekken 6 starts at 4:30pm
*Guilty Gear XXAC starts at 6:30pm

Arcade Legacy
322 W. Crescentville Rd.
Cincinnati, OH 45246
Arcade Legacy

Last year’s Christmas Combat was fantastic and had a great turnout. Let’s make it huge this year! Who can resist a FREE tournament?

Jesse, you are and always will be the best.

Well thanks my friend.

Love it love it love it.

Bar any last minute muck ups, I’ll be there for X vs SF and T6. I’ll help run T6 and I will chat with my mom to make her awesome chocolate cake.

Good shit like always Jesse.

Amazing. I will definitely be there. As well as at Old School Onslaught.

Who are you foolinfection? Have you been to AL?

I actually have not been there before. But,a few friends and I have been very interested in doing so.

What are you waiting for? Come tomorrow for fight night or Saturday for the ranbats.

I live like 3 hours away. lol.
Otherwise I most definitely would. AL seems like a fun place to be from the sound of it :slight_smile:

Gotcha. Well hopefully we will see you at one of the tournaments in the near future

Sounds like fun Jesse, I’ll see if I can wrangle up some Cleveland guys to come, hopefully the weather isn’t terrrible.

If it’s anything like last year, you’ll be fine. We didn’t get much snow (if any) until January last winter.

Well,I’m definitely going to be at OSO no matter what. So,see ya then :slight_smile:

Dear Amanda, I love your cookies.


Breakers Revenge side tournament… I demand Revenge in Revenge.

Did you guys replace the sticks and buttons on the UMK3 cab you let us borrow for SBR?

So if i can get the day off, and with Lucky driving down there, I’ll be there for UMK3 :coffee:

I will be doing that soon. I already have the Happ comp buttons and I am waiting for the new comp sticks to arrive

cool. thank you sir. :slight_smile:

The plan is to give you all the sugar-itis so I can win everything while everyone is asleep. I’m down for just about every game on that list, also if anyone would like a partner for BB I need one (I’m not very good).