Arcade Legacy OLD SCHOOL ONSLAUGHT 3 Cincy, OH* Nov 27th - SSFIV, GGAC, 3S, Goldeneye


OLD SCHOOL ONSLAUGHT is back for the THIRD time at ARCADE LEGACY in Cincinnati, OH! Besides the classic OSO tournament, we will be having a couple other old school tournament games like GOLDENYEYE (N64), DR. MARIO (NES) and BOMBERMAN (SNES). There’s almost always a few old school impromptu side games that happen. In addition, we will be having a couple teams tournaments in the evening. Super Street Fighter IV 3v3. Guilty Gear XXAC 2v2. Street Fighter III: Third Strike 2v2.

If you are unfamiliar with how OSO is run, read on. Instead of essentially one big mystery game fighting tournament, each individual match is a different games as opposed to each round in a standard mystery tournament. That means you will see upwards of 30 different classic, horrible, hilarious and sometimes almost unplayable old school fighting games. Some truly hilarious moments have come out of the two previous tournaments. And of course there is KART FIGHTER! I promise it will not be the final round this time. I will have something just as menacing though. This is ANYONE’S game. No one really has the upper hand here because no one really plays these games anymore or ever did in most cases. That’s the beauty of OLD SCHOOL ONSLAUGHT. It’s anyone’s game. Now is the chance for the underdog to shine.



DATE: November 27th, 2010

TIME: - OSO 3 starts at 1pm. 70/20/10 pot split. If more than 30 entrants, top 5 will get paid
GOLDENEYE and DR MARIO start at 4pm. BOMBERMAN starts at 5pm. Prizes to the winners.
Super Street Fighter IV 3v3 is at 7pm. 70/30 split. Played on PS3. If there’s less than 15 people entering, we will do a 2v2 instead. RULES: Double Elim. Pokemon style. You must keep the same character throughout the tournament but you can switch ultras. You must decide and maintain your playing order the whole tournament.
Guilty Gear XXAC 2v2 is at 8pm. 70/30 split. PS2. Same rules as IV minus ultra switching
Street Fighter III: Third Strike 2v2 is at 8pm. 70/30 split. arcade. Same rules as SSFIV

Arcade Legacy
322 W. Crescentville Rd
Cincinnati, OH 45246
Arcade Legacy

$7 venue if you come for OSO. $10 if you come later for teams tourneys (includes FREE PLAY all day on our 40+ arcade machines)
$5 to enter the OSO tournament (also includes GOLDENEYE and DR MARIO tourneys)
$5/person for the SSFIV 3v3
$5/person for the GG XXAC 2v2
$5/person for the 3S 2v2

One person for each match will randomly pick a card that has the game to be played written on it. Best 3 out 5 for each game including all finals. That’ll give you a few matches to get good at the game quickly. No character is banned. If you know enough about any of these games to infinite someone, you deserve to win. Double Elimination. The pot will be split 70/20/10 (or 60/20/10/5/5 if we get more than 30 entrants) & there will be a rad prize for the winner! You can bring your own controller if you have one for these systems, but we will have pads available and some sticks. A few of the games will be on arcade machines. Keeping with OSO tradition, the FINAL MATCH will be on a game that very few, if any, of you guys have seen or played so the playing field will be fairly level.

GAMES LIST - this is not all of them but a handful to give you an idea of what will be played
Tech Romancer
Bloody Roar
Inuyasha: A Feudal Fairy Tale
Eternal Champions: Challenge from the Darkside
Ranma 1/2
Battle Monsters
Clayfighter 63 1/3
Brutal: Paws of Fury
Golden Axe: The Duel
Many more to come!!!


I may need redemption from the last one!


Anyone with some fighting games they can bring that work for this type of tournament, please post up what you can bring or let me borrow if you can’t come.


Since when does the phrase “Avi will win” get turned into “anyone’s game”?

Yeah that’s right. I’m a gonna win.

Also, I think a bomberman tournament would be awesome for this sort of event if people would actually play. Best bomberman probably Super Bomberman 1 for SNES but we could play something wilder like Bomberman 64 now that we have a copy of it and there will already be N64 setups for Goldeneye.

If people show interest, can we do that Jesse?

Also thanks for throwing these wacky tournaments. They are always a good time.


I’m down, gotta find a 3s partner. Also, somebody will win from C-bus, most likely Avi.


I was gonna ask you to team lol. If you want to im down.


There are some fighting games on Xbox Live Indie games. I’ll look into them and post if they’ll be viable games for OSO.


everyone is free in Goldeneye son…all fucking day…

mad props for this tournament it sounds fun as hell and if I lived in OH id drop everything to go…


YES! Bomberman 1 team for SNES - 4 man slaughter. Fight to the (wall) death. I knew I wanted one more game but I couldn’t think of it. ADDED!


Yo, Gundam Battle Assault 2.


I was thinking about that game but I don’t know anyone who has it. You got it? You coming?


I own it. I’m not 100% sure if I’ll be there or not, but I’ll let you know soon.


Might need to do a MKT on the N64 tourney lmao for shits and giggles.

i need to get down there to the new locale, and need to bring Lucky Day with me. We really need to fix the control panel on the MK cab down there! :sad:


Goldeneye tournament is awesome – what are the rules tho? I’d recommend License w/ Pistols or regular w/ Automatics.

2v2 or 1v1? No radar or Auto Aim? You guys have to ban OddJob. will you do set stages for tourney?

Also if you want to get really serious, you could do monitor out on the main TV and cover up the opponents screen with cardboard on each TV – Fugee and I used to do that, haha.

I’m glad to see an arcade 3s tourney but $3/person when GG is $5? Please make 3s $5, it’s just not worth traveling for more than 2 hours for that kind of payout on the line, esp when we’ll be getting home at like 4 a.m. :slight_smile:

And sorry to bitch about money further but 60/40 to top 2 is way too high for 2nd place. 80/20 or 70/30 is the way to go

Please don’t ever put MKT inside your 64


I’ll make 3s $5. As far as the payout, how does everyone else feel? I just figured these events don’t have huge numbers so I’d spread the money around a little bit more for the teams. I don’t think anyone expects to leave with a pocket full of money. As much as I’d love for a truckload of people to show up, I feel like this is more of a local thing. The furthest anyone has traveled for OSO so far is Columbus. I’d love to see people from further out but I understand the money has to be bigger for that.

I forgot to put that rules for GOLDENEYE are forthcoming


lmao exactly. a total shit storm :slight_smile:


jesse make the 3v3 random


I was thinking about that but I think that might turn some people off from coming. If it were a buck or two to enter that might be different. I feel random partner selection does make it more exciting. Anyone else like the random partner idea better than the standard 3v3 for SSFIV?


I think it could be something done on the side, but I think there should be some sort of standard tournament first.


Goldeneye is a cool idea. I also need a teammate for 3s.