Arcade Legacy OLD SCHOOL ONSLAUGHT 3 results thread 11-27-10

The OSO is definitely one of my favorite tournaments we hold at AL and I’m glad to see it growing each time. Thanks to all those who helped run things (Jordyn, Matt M, Keith) and to Brent for keeping the red cab in check all night. Also, glad to see a few new faces including the three who drove over 3 hours to come play games with us (Dex, Shemie, Delloon). We did have to drop Bomberman from the tournament to keep things running smoothly. I’ll toss that on another tournament sometime.

The Results:

Old School Onslaught
1: Face
2: Zinac
3: FaceMeAndBeBroken
4: Skeez
5: Avi
5: Mr. Blasty
7: Columbus Tony
7: Servo
9: Kyle Gallagher
9: ShinDarius
9: ailerus
9: Havok
13: Derrick Legend
13: Osirun
13: DaddyNeptune
13: Silent Tongues
17: NKY Tony
17: Shemie
17: Delloon
17: Tiggy
17: Neon Geon
17: Rakae
17: Actionhank
17: Dandy J
25: Arkayne
25: Dex
25: Local Single

Dr. Mario
1: AL
2: Ryujin
3: Avi
4: Local Single
5: NKY Tony
5: ailerus
7: Rakae
7: Arkayne
9: Neon Geon
9: Face

Goldeneye - a standard bracket couldn’t be used so chime in if you know where you placed
1: Rakae
2: Ryujin
3: C-Tony
3: Osirun
5: Dex
5: ?

1: Krono Legend (Kris/Derrick)
2: Keep it Gay (Nick/Zach)
3: 3S is better (Mario/Adam)
4: We Are the World (Nathan/Quentin)
5: Fool Infection (Dex/Delloon)
5: Team Godlike is Terrible (Sean/Richard)
7: Naughty Bears (Abe/Mike)
7: Zuris (C-Tony/Clint)
9: Team Bar Battles Gaiden (Jason/Brent)

3S teams
1: We Make Shit Look Sexy (Adam/Indy)
2: Team Just Signed Up (Todd/Mario)
3: Pants (Jesse/Kyle W)
4: Team Name (Nathan/Matt M)
5: New Haircut (Keith/Kyle G)

GG singles - round robin so I only know top 3. If you have full results Matt let me know
1: SH
2: Kyle W
3: Havok

Next up is CHRISTMAS COMBAT. Come get those cookies and a shot at a nice fight stick -*3s-umk3-mvc2-xvssf-cvs2-pj-256385/

shout out to columbus for doing well.

Wow,didn’t expect to see me,Shemie and Delloon mentioned specifically. lol

All I can say is that it was an amazing experience. We would be there every week if we could. Thanks for the great time!

Shout outs to Indy for the great 3S experience and the amazing Ken he was rockin’. Also, shout outs to Nathan and Quentin for the match up advice in SSF4.

And well,shout outs to pretty much everyone that was there for being very friendly and for providing an experience that we’re very much hungry for out where we live. Expect us to return in the future!

p.s. I believe I placed 4th at Goldeneye, Jesse.

jesse dex got 5th…tied for 5 actually with someone but i cant remember who probably quentin. columbus tony and nathan tied for 3rd. i cant remember anything else