Arcade Legacy ROCKET PUNCH results thread 7-10-10


Heck of a good time yesterday. This was definitely the biggest tournament at AL beside PowerUp so thanks for making it a big success everyone. Especially thanks to those who helped run brackets and keep other things running smoothly, namely Zach, Brent, Jordyn, Alex, Jacob, Derrick B, Chris B, Ricky, and Sluch.

Now the goods

SSFIV singles (39 entrants):
1: toiyet
2: ChunLinks
3: Derrick Legend
4: Osirun
5: Guiseppe1
5: Trickster
7: Crono_Marley
7: IronZanghief
9: Javo
9: The Relic
9: Actionhank
9: cheezeface immortal
13: Servo
13: Neon Geon
13: Digital717
13: ailerus
17: Hanks
17: Jonez
17: GZ-Matthias
17: PimpSirRichard
17: Avi
17: Aaron Brooks
17: Shinlad
17: Riot Guard
25: Casey
25: Arkayne
25: Slaw
25: Yankosky
25: Tec
25: IceKid
25: SWAT
25: MadPossum
33: SlayerKFK
33: FaceMeAndBeBroken
33: Adam Barger
33: Goose
33: Nitroeye
33: Grifpuma
33: Voulkan

MvC2 low tier (18 entrants):
1: Derrick Legend
2: toiyet
3: FaceMeAndBeBroken
4: Kevin
5: DaddyNeptune
5: Trickster
7: Yeti
7: Mingie
9: Yankosky
9: ETB
9: Mr. Blasty
9: sLip
13: IronZanghief
13: Osirun
13: Neon Geon
13: Jaka
17: JohnDerrilll
17: Crimson_Zero

Naruto Clash of the Ninja 3 (12 entrants):
1: Killtz
2: Tom
3: Erix
4: GTFOcandy
5: TheVoid
5: Dark Kakashi
7: SlayerKFK
7: BirdFetus
9: Guiseppe1
9: Schnets
9: IceKid
13: TheDukeofTvC

ST (arcade) [14 entrants]:
1: cheezeface immortal
2: Roy Bisel
3: MadPossum
4: Murderbydeath
5: Aaron Brooks
5: PimpSirRichard
7: Crono_Marley
7: Derrick Legend
9: Cynosure
9: Osirun
9: SlayerKFK
13: Servo
13: Grifpuma

Mystery Game (28 entrants)- games played (Bushido Blade 2, Ballz, Evil Zone, Blood Warrior, Galaxy Fight, Star Gladiator, Dragon Might, Super Gem Fighter, Slaughter Sport, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, TMNT Tournament Fighters and finally the dastardly Kart Fighter for grand finals)
1: Avi
2: Dandy J
3: Osirun
4: Servo
5: The Relic
5: Face
7: Kokain
7: IceKid
9: Derrick Legend
9: SlayerKFK
9: Skeez
9: FaceMeAndBeBroken
13: PimpSirRichard
13: Nitroeye
13: Neon Geon
13: TheVoid
17: Schnets
17: IronZanghief
17: ailerus
17: Mingie
17: Riot Guard
17: Voulkan
17: Godsaw
17: Goose
25: Yankosky
25: Pope Temmy
25: Erix
25: Grifpuma

Tekken 6 (11 entrants):
1st: Sluch (Alisa, Lili, Christie)
2nd: Drago (Bruce, Armor King, King, Zafina, Miguel)
3rd: Derrick Legend (Julia, Lars)
4th: Skeez (Kuma, Lars, Marduk)
5th: NoodleHead (Yoshimitsu, Baek)
5th: TRKT (Jin, Devil Jin)
7th: Nasty Note (Dragonuv)
7th: Kokaine (Bruce)
9th: Trickster (Miguel, Dragonuv)
9th: Daddy Neptune (Feng, Baek, Steve)
9th: Slayer (King)

Guilty Gear Accent Core (9 entrants):
1: Zinac
2: MacArthur Blunts
3: toiyet
4: IceKid
5: Kamui Moon
5: doragonkoroshi
5: Havok
8: Aaron Brooks
9: Pope Temmy

Naruto GNT 4 (15 entrants):
1: Kokain
2: Tom
3: Bennedy
4: TheVoid
5: TheDukeofTvC
5: IceKid
7: Urban_Yeti
7: Underscore
9: Killtz
9: Erix
9: BigSexy
9: BirdFetus
13: GTFOcandy
13: Schnets
13: SlayerKFK

SSFIV card battle (20 entrants):
1: Derrick Legend
2: PimpSirRichard
3: IronZanghief
4: Osirun
5: Neon Geon
5: Hanks
7: Servo
7: Voulkan
9: cheezeface immortal
9: Kevin
9: Grifpuma
9: Avi
13: Goose
13: Yankosky
13: The Relic
13: Dandy J
17: Nitroeye
17: Face
17: Pope Temmy
17: Arkayne

SFIII: 3rd Strike (8 entrants):
1: Riot Guard
3: cheezeface immortal
4: Tec
5: Actionhank
5: PimpSirRichard
7: Crimson_Zero
7: Mr. Blasty


yay. funtimes! good seeing all the old faces again



DandyJ, Avi, and Brent at the UMK3 cab.
Zach, for running IV brackets super smooth.
Everyone who watched Jwong vs Gamerbee.
Servo, for not assassinating me after I played two runback cards in Super IV Card Battle.
Kam, for recording matches.
Everyone who showed up to support AL!
And of course, Jesse, for being awesome!



DandyJ, Avi, and Brent at the UMK3 cab.
Zach, for running IV brackets super smooth.
Everyone who watched Jwong vs Gamerbee.
Servo, for not assassinating me after I played two runback cards in Super IV Card Battle.
Kam, for recording matches.
Everyone who showed up to support AL!
And of course, Jesse, for being awesome!


Good games to everybody I played. Great tournament all around!


Good games to everyone who I played. This was a very fun event.


Good stuff to everyone that played Naruto and TvC.

Guiseppe1: You had a pretty good foundation to work from. For not knowing which button was super, you were doing really well. If you keep at it and learn all the juicy stuff, you’ve got some good room for growth =]


Awesome stuff peoples. Great turn out and everything was ran smoothly.

Props to the new blood coming through and playing in T6 which includes Noodlehead aka Ramen Noodles, Nasty Note, Kokain and Slayer.

Big props to Noodle for bringing some flash (no pun intended) with Yoshi and Nasty for stepping his game up considerably. I look forward to our Bar Battles Rematch White Josh (lol).

Props to Jesse as always, AL… where gaming is serious business.



Jesse, thanks again for such a fun tournament. The door raffle, entertaining mystery tournament, and overall layout of the arcade made for a memorable experience. I’m looking forward to future events.

Shout outs!

Deigo: It was nice to meet you. Our Bison/Honda match was so close. Props on doing so well in Marvel.

Frank: Your ST play is just amazing. I would love to get some more casuals in sometime in the future. I need to play more high calibur play like that in order to improve. Also, I really enjoyed our general conversations as well.

Keith: It’s nice to find another SNK player out there. We’ll have to get in some casuals sometime in KOF. Hopefully we could play over LIVE soon.

Aarron(sp?): Thanks again for letting me use your stick. I really enjoyed our match and I wish we could have gotten more casuals in.

Ian and his friend that played Gouken: It was really nice to talk with you guys as the matches were going on. Ian, I’m still very surprised that your Akuma didn’t go further in the tournament.

Brandon: It was really nice to meet you! I enjoyed our casual matches and your Balrog is definitely coming along. I’m sure that you’ll take me next time!

Todd and Amy(?): It was really nice to meet you guys as well. I’m sorry that you couldn’t use your own stick Todd. I know how much that changes everything.

Eric(sp?): It was so nice to meet after all these years! Your Honda is top notch. Hopefully we could get in some casuals sometime. Thanks again for the tips!

Mario: Thanks again for bringing your stick! Props on taking 3rd strike and I’ll try to stay around for 3rd strike next time.

Philly Rog player in ST: I really enjoyed our match. That tick throw trap is too good in that game!

Anyone I may have missed! It was nice to meet all of you and I’m looking forward to future events at Arcade Legacy.


I guess I was disqualified for talking shit… as I thought I had 4th or 5th in T6… sigh…


You were 4th or 5th. Sluch modified the bracket so people didn’t have to play the same matches in losers so I couldn;t accurately get the results into Tio. I forgot about that when I was copying the results. If Mike remembers he can post it up and clear your name


We need a higher stakes mystery tournament. Also, Bushido Blade 2 is just as stupid as I remember it. Also, I lost a round in TMNT Genesis so maybe there is more to that game than April’s elbow. We should play it sometime yall.

Also UMK button layout is super retarded. Run with left thumb? LEFT THUMB? nuh uuuh. Thanks to everyone who played me in that stupid (but hella fun) game.


Good seeing all the usual suspects, I hear there were a few new locals that showed up, try and make it out on fight nights (Thursdays) guys, its good for both 4 competition and a few other games.
Indy/Mario: Great to play you guys again, and welcome back to 'Merica Indy. I’ll try and make some 3s excursions your way when I have the chance.

Also, after watching TVC at EVO and MVC3 it makes me wish there was more TVC interest around here. Would anyone care to set up round robins or something at the next tournament if we can gather at least 6 players?


Double post.


What’s up everyone!?

Here are the results for Tekken 6 @ Rocket Punch this past Saturday in Cincy @ AL:

Tekken 6 (11 entrants):

1st: Sluch (Alisa, Lili, Christie)
2nd: Drago (Bruce, Armor King, King, Zafina, Miguel)
3rd: Derrick Legend (Julia, Lars)
4th: Skeez (Kuma, Lars, Marduk)
5th(T): NoodleHead (Yoshimitsu, Baek)
5th(T): TRKT (Jin, Devil Jin)
7th(T): Nasty Note (Dragonuv)
7th(T): Kokaine (Bruce)
9th(T): Trickster (Miguel, Dragonuv)
9th(T): Daddy Neptune (Feng, Baek, Steve)
9th(T): Slayer (King)

As always, it was hella fun chillin’ out @ AL w/ everyone getting some games in. Thanks 2 everyone coming out 2 support the scene & thanks 2 Jesse 4 hosting once again another awesome event. :tup:

Time 4 Essay Post Props & Shout-outs:

Drago: Good shit as always brotherman & nicely done on getting 2nd my good sir. I was glad 2 see u there against me in the Grand Finals. Bruce & AK were doing some serious work, so that was some fun shit in those matches 4 sure. Mad props Phil. Also, gas monies & candy bars are always top tier, so thanks 4 that stuff 4 sure b4 the tourney. Hopefully on one of these Thursdays coming up we can get that Moku Tourney going.

Derrick Legend: U probably won’t see these shout-outs since it’s a rarity u get online 2 check the forums (haha), but I wanted 2 give u props on a job well done & getting 3rd place. Our matches were hella fun like always. Julia was always doing her like she usually does, but I about shit when u picked Lars, that surprised the hell outta me. Good shit on doing well in all ur other games as well. On that note…Derrick Legend! Fuck Yeah! Lmao.

Skeez: Nicely done w/ the work u did w/ Lars, Kuma, & Marduk during the tourney. U played solid as always my good sir. I’m glad we got some casuls in since we didn’t play during the tourney. U had my ass crackin’ up the whole time w/ ur loudness & yelling. Ppl best be recognizing the powers that u unleash. Lol.

NoodleHead: I’m glad u were able 2 make it here 2 Cincy my good sir & have urself a good time w/ all of us chillin’ & playing some Tekken. U know ur always welcome here 2 Cincy & Dayton anytime. Hella good shit in our Tourney matches Josh. Yoshi & Baek were playing sweet that day 4ya & it was tough as shit getting my gameplan established like I usually wanna do, so mad props indeed. Our casuals were hella fun as well. Plus, Roosters is Top Tier. U gotta get their chicken if u go there…unless ur Phil. Lol.

TRKT: Kam, u were playing some hella good Tekken on Saturday my good sir. Good shit on how u did in the tourney. Jin & DJ were doing some serious biz 4 sure. I know we didn’t play in the Tourney & I don’t think we played any casuals that day either, so we’ll have 2 get some games in the next time around 4 sure.

Nasty Note: Josh, I just wanted 2 say good shit 2ya during both our Tournament & casual matches in Tekken. Dragonuv was doing some hella good work bro. Someone stepped their game up tremendously & w/ no1 2 really practice against or w/ either, so that deserves some hella mad props right there bro. Good stuff once again & I’ll cya @ Bar Battles in Cbus.

Kokaine: Nice 2 meet ya brotherman & good games during our casual matches. Ur Bruce had a nice, patient style, so it was cool 2 play against a different variation of Bruce. Good shit my good sir & thanks once again 4 making the trip down here 2 Cincy all the way from Iowa.

Trickster: Even though we didn’t play in the tourney, it was awesome as always gettin’ in a lot of casuals against ya Frankie. Damn that SSF4 taking ur time away from Tekken. Lol. Just remember what we talked about on Saturday 4 ur Tekken game & apply that 2 ur playing the next time around.

Daddy Neptune: Damn! I don’t think I played u @ all on Saturday Quan. Lol. We’ll have 2 get some games in next time as well. I know we’ll sit down & session it up in Tekken like we normally do. It’s how we roll. Lol.

Slayer: I’m glad u hopped on in2 some Tekken on Saturday Alex. That’s always a good thing 2 see. Good stuff during our casuals as always. If ur @ AL on Thursday, I’m gonna go over some stuff w/ya in Tekken & get u Powered Up (saw what I did there, lol) & make mofos see what’s up w/ya in this game.

That’s all 4 now. Take it easy & have a good one. Peace. :china:


I had a good time with T6 Saturday. I am also glad I wasnt a push over playin a bit of SSF4. Great stuff to everyone. Well played.


Good tourney. The EVO stream was hype and we got the crowd reaction on tape.


Props to Jesse/Arcade Legacy for a hell of a smooth tournament.

I had to leave so I couldn’t finish the mystery tournament. I am actually glad I didn’t win this one. I’m sure the finalists had fun with the pure uh…awesomeness that is Kart Fighter.

Likewise; replace Marvel with SSFIV.

Well, I know how to play Gens TF. So, I will match you. (I have April O’neal’s theme on my Zune HD LOL)

Agreed for Mortal Kombat arcade. I have Trilogy for PSX, which I have been bringing.


I’m all for more TvC! Just need to practice . . .

O rly? I’d love to see that!


When will the Videos Be up?