ARCADE LEGENDS - April tournaments and Event - SSFIV, T6, GGAC, BB, MB, AH + more


With SSFIV landing at the end of the month and PowerUp coming in May, I figured we’d do something different than the normal tournaments in April. All games will be concocted by an SRK member and will not have standard rules. I don’t quite have everything hammered out yet, but I wanted to get the dates up so you could plan for it if you’d like to attend. Please toss up suggestions here or in the Dayton/Cinci threads. Here’s what we have so far:

April 10th:
Admission will be $8. Split is 70/20/10 for each game with 10 or more people. 70/30 for less than 10. Each game is $3 entry

Arkayne’s game - $3 entry - SFIV and Tekken 6 character swap tourney. Rules - Standard double elim brackets. Each player will be using their main character. This will be the character you normally use in tournaments. If you main more than one, you can pick between them but you can’t decide Dhalsim is your main just for this tournament if you don’t play him on a regular basis. We know, for the most part, who mains who so it shouldn’t be an issue. Once the match starts, your main becomes your opponents main. Mirror matches are fine if that happens.
SFIV starts at 1pm. Tekken 6 starts at 1:30pm

RULES are being modified at the moment and will be posted when they are finished.
Starts at 4pm

Tekken 6 all Mokujin battle - $3 entry - Title says it all. All Mokujin, all the time. May the best wood man win. Double elim.
Starts at 5pm

Project Justice sitdown cab tourney - $3 entry - Double elim. No special rules for this one. Just wanted to throw this in since there is a lot of interest in it lately. starts at 7pm

I will need 3 PS3s with SFIV for this event. Please post up or PM me if you can supply anything. FREE admission for the first 3 to commit to bringing them.


April 24th (so far):
Admission will be $8. Split is 70/20/10 for each game.

Looks like we are going for standard tournaments for each game. We can add more stuff if anyone wants to run a side event. Here’s what’s going down for sure:

GGAC - $10 entry @ 6pm
BB:CS - $5 entry @ 2pm
Melty Blood - $5 entry @ 6pm
Arcana Heart - $5 entry @ 2pm

I will need 3 PS2s for this event along with 2 copies of GGAC and 1 each of MB and AH. Please post up or PM me if you can supply anything. FREE admission if you bring a PS2 and game(s). Half price admission for those who bring games only. You must let me know by posting up or PMing me you intend to bring stuff to get the discount.

April 27th release day of Super Street Fighter IV
We will be having an all SSFIV release day event including a NEW CHARACTER ONLY tournament! $3 entry for the tourney. You must choose one of the 10 new characters. Double elim. Tourney starts at 7pm so those who work a 9-5 job have time to get here (if they didn’t call off). 70/20/10 unless we do less than 20 people then 70/30 split.

We will have 8-10 setups available all day long just for SSFIV. PS3 and Xbox 360. I’ll be opening at 2pm and will be open until Midnight.
Arcade admission is only $4. If you make it out on the regular Thursday night game night as well, it’s only $6 for both nights. I will have 2 copies of the game on PS3 so I will need you guys to bring what you can. If two of you can bring just the game on Xbox360, I have two systems. Hopefully we can rustle up 4-6 more setups. I’ve got plenty of tvs.

This should be a really fun month. Don’t forget that qualifiers start May 1st for the PowerUp 5v5 teams.


HYPE! Ill go go ahead and run those also!


Consider it ran.


Awesome stuff!


I’m down for both Tekken tournaments.

Mokujin wars is going to be hilarious and I guess I better train up my Alisa :smiley:



I may come for the 4/27 event.


That would be great Mario. Hopefully you can get a carload of Indy players to make it out. Haven’t seen you guys in forever.


I’ll try to get some player to come with me. Only thing I’m second guessing is an out of town trip on a week night but a new character only tourney sounds too good to pass up.


I’ll show up for the 10th and the 27th, probably means I’ll have to skip Old School Onslaught though, gas is getting a little pricey.


posted this up on dustloop. looking forward to seeing everyone on the 24th!


Updated with details for the 24th.


I approve. Samurai Kirby Team Battles?


I have a setup with GGAC and MB, Jesse. I could probably swing on by for that.


Awwwww shit son. I should be able to get there for the 10th.


I just added a PROJECT JUSTICE cab tourney for the 10th. I think we have a good lineup for the day now.

As of now I will need two more PS3s with SFIV this Saturday. FREE admission to the first two who post up that they are bringing it. Anyone else, feel free to bring setups for casuals.


I should be there and Ill bring my stuff as usual.


I should be there Jesse I’ll bring PS3 with a copy of SF4.


Sounds good Derrick. I will actually need one more PS3 with SFIV so post it up if you want the FREE admission.


Uhhh? Jesse? >_<;


I need a total of THREE. Sorry I didn’t make that clear. Quentin, Derrick and one more.