Arcade Legends AUGUST RANKING BATTLES Results +bonus tournaments


Thanks to everyone supporting the ranbats once again. After this Season ends in September, we will skip a month before starting the next due to SEASON’S BEATINGS. If you have some suggestions for new games for the next ranbat, please throw those out in the tournament thread. We will certainly mix it up a bit next season.

The September schedule will have it’s own thread but here’s a quick look at the schedule. SFIV/3s/HDR is on 9-12. SSBB/SSBM is on 9-19. GGAC/BB is on 9-26.

Here is a link to where all the videos of the finals will be. Thanks to Osirun for always bringing his gear so we can relive the experience:

8-8-09 AKA Derrick Legend domination week. Derrick took no less than 3rd in each of the 5 games including winning 3 of the 5 therefore living up to his name.

Street Fighter IV: Major congrats to KING CHADWICK for going from dead last to 4th in one month!

  1. Derrick Legend (Cincinnati) 9pts (Ryu, Rufus)
  2. Geon (Cincinnati) 8pts (E. Honda)
  3. Digital717 (Cincinnati) 7pts (Ryu)
  4. King Chadwick (Cincinnati) 6pts (Zangief)
  5. Tuna (Cincinnati) 5pts (Abel)
  6. Arkayne (Dayton) 5pts (Abel)
  7. Actionhank (Dayton) 3pts (Rufus)
  8. ailerus (Cincinnati) 3pts (Abel)
  9. nomrah (Cleveland) everyone else below gets one point for this ranbat
  10. Sinow Beat (Cincinnati)
  11. lonewolf6465 (Cleveland)
  12. The Relic (Dayton)
  13. Riot Guard (Indianapolis)
  14. Nick (NKY)
  15. Osirun (Dayton)
  16. Hanks (Dayton)
  17. Jake (Cincinnati)
  18. Seth (Dayton)
  19. Dijon (NKY)
  20. Grimace (Cincinnati)
  21. Murderbydeath (Dayton)
  22. JohnnyPhoenix (Cleveland)


  1. Riot Guard (Indianapolis) 9pts
  2. Actionhank (Dayton) 8pts
  3. Derrick Legend (Cincinnati) 7pts
  4. Tec (Dayton) 6pts
  5. nomrah (Cleveland) 5pts
  6. Hanks (Dayton) 5pts
  7. King Chadwick (Cincinnati) 3pts
  8. JohnnyPhoenix (Cleveland) 3pts
  9. lonewolf6465 (Cleveland) everyone else below recieves 1pt this ranbat
  10. Arkayne (Dayton)
  11. Tuna (Cincinnati)
  12. Jake (Cincinnati)
  13. Murderbydeath (Dayton)
  14. Geon (Cincinnati)
  15. The Relic (Dayton)
  16. Osirun (Dayton)


  1. nomrah (Cleveland)
  2. Murderbydeath (Dayton)
  3. Derrick Legend (Cincinnati)
  4. Arkayne (Dayton)
  5. Actionhank (Dayton)
  6. JohnnyPhoenix (Cleveland)
  7. Geon (Cincinnati)
  8. Osirun (Dayton)
  9. King Chadwick (Cincinnati)
  10. lonewolf6465 (Cleveland)
  11. Riot Guard (Indianapolis)


  1. Derrick Legend (Cincinnati)
  2. Sinow Beat (Cincinnati)
  3. Seth (Dayton)
  4. Geon (Cincinnati)
  5. Riot Guard (Indianapolis)
  6. King Chadwick (Cincinnati)
  7. Osirun (Dayton)
  8. The Relic (Dayton)
  9. Dijon (NKY)
  10. Shane Lee (Cincinnati)
  11. Tec (Dayton)

SFIV 2v2:

  1. Brothers of Destruction (Derrick Legend/Diego)
  2. 200 Handslaps (Geon/Sinow)
  3. Man-Beast (Arkayne/Riot Guard)
  4. Bayside Tigers (nomrah/Johnny Phoenix)
  5. Pepsi Presents Team Coca-Cola (King Chadwick/Aaron)
  6. Pretty Boy (Hanks/Seth)
  7. Ghost Squad (ailerus/Tuna)
  8. Gary Sheffield’s Dance Party (Dijon/Nick) - although not the winner of the tournament, easily the winner for best team name
  9. Dictator’s Anonymous (Osirun/The Relic)
  10. Count Scrubula (Pope Temmy/raplhus)

8-22-09 ranbat results:


  1. Jack G (Cincinnati) - Hakumen +9pts
  2. Josh Ballard (Cleveland) - V-13 +8pts
  3. Chase (Lexington) - Rachel +7pts
  4. Brent-Quest (Cincinnati) +6pts
  5. Kyle (Lexington) +5pts
  6. TheSlyMoogle (Lexington) +5pts
  7. Tuna (Cincinnati) +3pts
  8. Mow (Cincinnati) +3pts
  9. King Chadwick (Cincinnati) +1pt for everyone else
  10. Raplhus (Dayton)
  11. Otter (Dayton)
  12. Paul (Columbus)
  13. Heno (Dayton)
  14. Pope Temmy (Dayton)
  15. ActionHank (Dayton)

Guilty Gear Accent Core:

  1. Josh Ballard (Cleveland) +9pts
  2. Chase (Lexington) +8pts
  3. Kyle (Lexington) +7pts
  4. Brent-Quest (Cincinnati) +6pts
  5. TheSlyMoogle (Lexington) +5pts
  6. Barry (Columbus) +5pts
  7. Paul (Columbus) +3pts
  8. Jack G (Cincinnati) +3pts
  9. Kamui Moon (Cleveland) +1pt for everyone else
  10. Mow (Cincinnati)
  11. King Chadwick (Cincinnati)
  12. Havok (Columbus)
  13. ActionHank (Dayton)
  14. Chippy (Columbus)
  15. Tuna (Cincinnati)


Standings after two months:


  1. Derrick Legend - 18pts
  2. Geon - 15pts
  3. Actionhank - 9pts
  4. King Chadwick - 7pts
  5. Digital 717 - 7pts
  6. nomrah - 6pts
  7. Arkayne - 5pts
  8. The Doctor - 5pts

3rd Strike

  1. Riot Guard - 18pts
  2. Actionhank - 16pts
  3. Derrick Legend - 7pts
  4. The Doctor - 7pts
  5. nomrah - 6pts
  6. Tec - 6pts
  7. Hanks - 6pts
  8. Yeti - 6pts
  9. Murderbydeath - 6pts


  1. Jack G - 18pts
  2. Josh Ballard - 16pts
  3. Kyle - 10pts
  4. Brent-Quest - 9pts
  5. Chase - 7pts
  6. Luis - 7pts


  1. Josh Ballard - 18pts
  2. Kyle - 15pts
  3. Brent-Quest - 11pts
  4. Jack G - 10pts
  5. Chase - 8pts


Good shit Jesse for a nice ranbat. Sorry I couldn’t stay for the 2v2.

Ggs to everyone I played. Nice meeting Derrick, you’re a cool dude and a beast at SF4. Same goes for Geon and everyone else I met and played.

I used Ryu mostly btw Jesse, if you want to put that by my name. Also used Sagat and Viper, but mostly Ryu.


Good shit Riot Guard, PL, Hank, etc etc.



LOL, who is Gary Sheffield?


Had a great time with all the tournaments. Don’t know anyone’s name, so GGs to anyone who played the scrawny white kid. Thanks to whoever let my SF4 partner borrow their SE as well, very much appreciated.

The team tournament was fun! I hope there are more in the future, we’d definitely be up for another dance party

Gary Sheffield’s a player for the Mets. I don’t really follow baseball but how could we pass up a name like that once we thought of it?




I’ve updated with the results from Saturday and the current standings.

It was nice to see more players for GG this time. Looks like I need to hold a regular GG tournament for our next big tourney. Is there any game besides BB that GG players are into?


I need to level up in that HDR. Me and Mr.Gone should be there for the next SF4/3s ranbat.


Universally? not really. For a good while, most GG players really only played GG, but obviously BB kinda changed that. And since pretty much everyone in southern Ohio seems to be getting into GG right now, there’s definitely going to be a much more diverse gaming background, so it’ll become quite a bit harder to try and figure out. More GG is always a good thing, at least. possibly a team tournament? I’d be more than satisfied with just a normal tournament though.

anyways, another good, fun weekend. I can definitely help with brackets next time so Amanda doesn’t have to and I’ll definitely have a setup again next time if you need it.