Arcade Legends BLAZBLUE ranbat after party *7-11-09* Cincinnati, OH

More bang for your buck after the July 11th ranbat. Stay for the first Cincinnati BlazBlue tournament! Especially if you already paid to get in to the ranbat. Then it’s just $5 towards the pot split (70-20-10).

Game: BlazBlue
Double elimination or a Round Robin if the turnout is 12 or less

Time: 6pm

Arcade Legends
5951-3 Boymel Dr.
Fairfield, OH 45014

In the Fair Oaks Plaza

Cost: $10 to get into the arcade. $5 towards the pot. If you were only thinking of coming to the BlazBlue tournament, you should come early and play in the ranking battles. It will cost you nothing extra and you will have the chance to win a prize.
Click here for full details:

The only rule is that Gold/unlimited/super saiyan characters are banned
Bring your own sticks or use a PS3 pad


I’ll be hanging around for this.

Does this mean that V-13 is banned all together?

No , Unlimited characters are special versions… of the characters

Hell yeah, gonna stick around all night for this

I should be there to showcase my shitty Litchi. Making my triumphant return to competitive fighters after a 5 year absence… look the fuck out.

Mow on SRK wtf

Is there anyone who would like to volunteer to bring a PS3 and BB on the 11th? It’s just as a backup in case we get more people than expected. Or if we get less and decide to do a round robin. If we use it, you will get your arcade fee waived or refunded if you already paid for the ranbat earlier.

backup PS3 obtained. Thanks Voulkan

My Carl is going to die so fast :shake:


Well I’ll be there to play BB for the first time… this is gonna be sooo bad, but sooo fun.

So true, so true.

I started playing Carl as a joke because well I didn’t think I’d like playing as him, and I ended up playing him for 7 hours and probably gonna main him. What’s up Carl buddy!?

For all the XBOX360 users, we do have a 360 that can easily be used if you happen to get a match with a fellow 360 stick user. So go ahead and bring your 360 sticks if you’d like but no guarantees.

I can supply my BB and PS3 if you still need jesse. I should be there this weekend.

I can’t wait to test out my tager and his awesome soviet damage

I wanna make it out for this so bad… I suck at BB hard, but I wanna get in it just the same.

Thanks but I’m all set. I’ll give you first dibs on the next one.

Hey how many people do you think will enter?

Just curious