Arcade Legends JULY RANKING BATTLES Results +bonus tournaments


Thanks again everyone for making our first ranbat a huge success. I hope we can keep that momentum for the duration and onward. After this Season ends in September, we will skip a month before starting the next due to SEASON’S BEATINGS. If you have some suggestions for new games for the next ranbat, please throw those out in the tournament thread. We will certainly mix it up a bit next season.

August and September schedules will have their own thread but here’s a quick look at the schedule. SFIV/3s is 8-8 and 9-12. SSBB/SSBM is 8-15 and 9-19. 4th GGAC/BB is 8-22 and 9-26.

On to the results. I have links to the actual brackets as well but they are kind of small. That’s the biggest image I could get. If anyone knows how to blow up, let me know.

First off, here is a link to where all the videos of the finals will be. Thanks to Osirun for always bringing his gear so we can relive the experience:

BRACKETS for 7-11-09:
3rd Strike -
BlazBlue -

3rd Strike:

  1. Riot Guard (Indianapolis) 9pts
  2. Actionhank (Dayton) 8pts
  3. The Doctor (Dayton) 7pts
  4. Yeti (Cincinnati) 6pts
  5. Otter (Dayton) 5pts
  6. Murderbydeath (Dayton) 5pts
  7. Geon (Cincinnati) 3pts
  8. BlueNu (Fairfield) 3pts
  9. nomrah (Cleveland) everyone else below recieves 1pt this ranbat
  10. Rakae (Columbus)
  11. JohnnyPhoenix (Cleveland)
  12. Hanks (Dayton)
  13. Sinow Beat (Cincinnati)
  14. lonewolf6465 (Cleveland)
  15. King Chadwick (Cincinnati)
  16. Nick (NKY)
  17. LordCoCoIchi (Cincinnati)
  18. The Relic (Dayton)
  19. Lindsey (NKY)
  20. Jonez (Dayton
  21. Osirun (Dayton)
  22. Lanryu513 (Cincinnati)
  23. ailerus (Cincinnati)
  24. RadicalEdward101 (Columbus)
  25. Dijon (NKY)


  1. Derrick Legend (Cincinnati) 9pts
  2. Lanryu513 (Cincinnnati) 8pts
  3. Geon (Cincinnati) 7pts
  4. Actionhank (Dayton) 6pts
  5. The Doctor (Dayton) 5pts
  6. nomrah (Cleveland) 5pts
  7. Otter (Dayton) 3pts
  8. Riot Guard (Indianapolis) 3pts
  9. Nick (NKY) everyone else below gets one point for this ranbat
  10. Yeti (Cincinnati)
  11. ailerus (Cincinnati)
  12. Voulkan (Fairfield)
  13. LordCoCoIchi (Cincinnati)
  14. Rakae (Columbus)
  15. BlueNu (Fairfield)
  16. Sinow Beat (Cincinnati)
  17. Steel Samurai (Cincinnati)
  18. Osirun (Dayton)
  19. The Great Muldini (Cincinnati)
  20. Antic (Cincinnati)
  21. Hanks (Dayton)
  22. Dijon (NKY)
  23. The Relic (Dayton)
  24. JohnnyPhoenix (Cleveland)
  25. sLip (Cincinnati)
  26. lonewolf6465 (Cleveland)
  27. Jonez (Dayton)
  28. RadicalEdward101 (Columbus)
  29. King Chadwick (Cincinnati)

BlazBlue (after party tournament):

  1. Macarthur Blunts (Cincinnati)
  2. Tuna (Cincinnati)
  3. Voulkan (Cincinnati)
  4. Mow (Cincinnati)
  5. Derrick Legend (Cincinnati)
  6. BlueNu (Cincinnati)
  7. Geon (Cincinnati)
  8. Anchor (Dayton)
  9. Otter (Dayton)
  10. Steel Samurai (Cincinnati)
  11. Actionhank (Dayton)
  12. Effenhoog (Indianapolis)
  13. DragonKoroshi (Lebanon)
  14. Yeti (Cincinnati)
  15. The Doctor (Dayton)
  16. The Great Muldini (Cincinnati)
  17. RadicalEdward101 (Columbus)
  18. King Chadwick (Cincinnati)
  19. Rakae (Columbus)
  20. Jesu (Indianapolis)
  21. Shifter (Fairfield)
  22. The Wookie (Dayton)
  23. Z (Dayton)
  24. Murderbydeath (Dayton)
  25. ralphus (Dayton)
  26. Riot Guard (Indianapolis)
  27. Antic (Cincinnati)
  28. Amy-O (Cincinnati)
  29. Trickster (Cincinnati)
  30. Moonfang (Cincinnati)
  31. Osirun (Dayton)
  32. ailerus (Cincinnati)
  33. PopeTemmy (Dayton)
  34. LordCoCoIchi (Cincinnati)

July 18th results:

  1. The Great Muldini - 9pts
  2. Steel Samurai - 8pts
  3. Osirun - 7pts
  4. Lunar - 6pts
  5. Tarle - 5pts
  6. Erix - 4pts
  7. DABrown - 3pts

July 25th results:

  1. Jack G (Cincinnati) - 9pts HAKUMEN!
  2. Josh Ballard (Cleveland) - 8pts
  3. Luis (Columbus) - 7pts
  4. MacArthur Blunts (Cincinnati) - 6pts
  5. Kyle (Lexington) - 5pts
  6. Arkayne (Dayton) - 5pts
  7. Brent-Quest (Morehead) - 3pts
  8. Xavier (Lexington) - 3pts
  9. Voulkan (Cincinnati) - everyone else below gets one point for this ranbat
  10. Otter (Dayton)
  11. Wayne (Columbus)
  12. King Chadwick (Cincinnati)
  13. Osirun (Dayton)
  14. RadicalEdward101 (Columbus) thanks for letting everyone use your converter
  15. Pedro (Columbus)
  16. Ryujin (Columbus)
  17. Anchor (Dayton)
  18. Delpheous (Dayton)
  19. Antic (Cincinnati)
  20. ailerus (Cincinnati)
  21. Devo (Columbus)
  22. Malkamar (Columbus)
  23. Scott (Columbus)

Guilty Gear XX Accent Core:

  1. Josh Ballard (Cleveland) 9pts
  2. Kyle (Lexington) 8pts
  3. MacArthur Blunts (Cincinnati) 7pts
  4. Jack G (Cincinnati) 6pts
  5. Brent-Quest (Morehead) 5pts
  6. Kamui (Cleveland) 4pts
  7. Delpheous (Dayton) 3pts
  8. Xavier (Lexington) 2pts
  9. Osirun (Dayton) 1pt
  10. King Chadwick (Cincinnati) - 1pt

SFIII 3rd Strike round robin tournament:

  1. ActionHank (Dayton)
  2. Luis (Columbus)
  3. Xavier (Lexington)
  4. Kyle (Lexington)
  5. Arkayne (Dayton)
  6. Otter (Dayton)
  7. Delpheous (Dayton)
  8. Osirun (Dayton)


Thanks to Jessie for holding the ranbats. We had a lot of fun. I’ll try to get more people to come with me for the next one I can make it to. Whoever recorded the 3s finals and grand finals are those gonna get posted?

BB was hype and good games to the Great Muldini who got a perfect on me with Arakune. Trial by fire:china:. Thanks to Steel Samurai for lending me his arcade stick a dozen times.

Good casuals with the HNK gang and Murderbydeath and Adam in 3s.


Good good stuff from everyone I played. Ha it looks like I need to get me a copy of BlazBlue, dead last. Wish I could make it to the rest of these, or atleast I’ll try my hardest.

And big thanks go to Jesse and Jay for having that many people in their place just to play some vidja games. I might need to bring some chairs next time though it is kinda hard to place seats in a place where there’s constant movement going on.

Again good games, ailerius that was a crazy Abel mirror match, down to the wire.


good shit mario, akshun hank


Somehow I got 5th and I don’t even play the game lol.


Wish I could have made it for SFIV, but currently work owns me on the weekend. Hopefully that might change in a few months.

Good games macarthur, I need to practice that match up a ton.


heh i do that alot in 3s, chun is good? :looney:


Yay me! Pretty much last in everything! It didn’t help that I haven’t played 3S more than 5 times including this tourny, and I hadn’t played SFIV for over 2 weeks…

I’m going to practice my ass off for BB.


Props to macarthur bluntz for showing me some tao tricks.

Also to the other three people who brought their own controller.


Good games everyone!

Jesse and Jeremiah, thanks for hosting us. I will make you cookies. :slight_smile:

I did a lot better than I thought I would. I’m glad I decided to play. Yay for me and Kieth!


GGs, I just wish I didn’t have to wake up at 5am and go through hell to get to this, I would have been more awake and definitely enjoyed myself more.

SF4- Lost to some mad Honda skills- great matches here, they came right down to the wire every time. I know now I needed to be more patient here, especially with the life lead. Luke, you killed me with that Fuerte, good shit man. So many times I was saying “How the hell is this hitting me?” You had me guessing wrong on get-up like 80%.

I had a hell of a round in 3S with Jordyn wherein every round was decided by mere pixels. My next round against Josh was pretty good as well. Sucks he had to ragequit on me.

Mack straight up raped me with Taokaka in BB, I definitely need to learn that match up better. Still, for having played the game 3 times before, I’m pretty pleased with my performance- this is definitely a game I will be following more closely. Sucks that several people I played against couldn’t get past complaining about game balance regarding a game that might be the most balanced we’ve seen in a fighting game in a while. Negativity aside, I saw some great players in the tournament, and it will be interesting to see how the BB scene develops locally.


Thanks for hosting the tournies. Had a great time …

Action Hank: How dare you beat me in sf4. ha jk ggs tho. gl at evo!

Derrick Legend: GGs for bb! I wanted to play you in sf but never got to it

Tuna: I despise you. You and you’re silly comeback :lame:. ggs!

Rakae: Nice to see you again and play you in some sf

Yeti: Awesome fuerte as always. Didn’t get to play you though

GGs to anyone else I played who I can’t think of at the moment.


Thanks man. Are you coming out to the Naptown tourney in August?


Well, second trip to AL, second tournament (BB this time around) and I did better than I expected. I seriously only had the chance to put about four or five hours into BB before I came, being that I was busy with other stuff.

So I’m second from the bottom of the tournament, and that’s exactly what I expected, but I did take a match so… Yeah.


Osirun - Good to see you again, actually. Got to talk with you and even get in those few matches of casual SFIV at the end of the night. Soon as I find a semi-respectable picture of myself I will add myself to the Midwest Roundup!

TheDoctor - I don’t think we’ve even really been introduced but for both tournaments I’ve got to at AL you’ve made me laugh hard.

ActionHank - Good to see you again, sorry about that McDonald’s misunderstanding! Good luck at Evo, too!

That one girl(Anchor?) - You told me your username and I completely forgot it, sorry! But previously you asked me about Margaritas and yesterday you borrowed my USB cable for your controller. Glad I could help. (Think you are Anchor…)

Hope to see everyone August 1! I will (hopefully) be there for the whole thing!



That was fun you guys. BlazBlue > Xmen

non lcd tv’s next time?

AWESOME tourney.


we were, but its the same date as a tournament in springfield, missouri. we said we would be there first, and they added a pot bonus(per my request) to the sf4 pot so i cant miss it. i will be out again tho, the last indiana tourny i attended was amazing.


I want to make it to Naptown for sure, and if Adam is going, I probably am as well. I enjoyed playing casuals with you, Mario. I will probably try to learn 3rd Strike I guess.


It helped that I finally stopped majorly scrubbing and teching after standing D into collider reset. GGs


Good shit on Mac Winning. The person who won is exactly who I knew would win. Mac…your just lucky I wasnt there : ]

D.Legend of course beasting in that 4… I figured that much

And what the fuck is up with all these dayton people I aint never heard of?


Wow, that’s some nice attendance. Congrats to everybody