Arcade Legends KOFXII & SFIV 2v2 post-ranbat tournament **8-8-09** Fairfield, OH

Come for the ranbat, stay for the KOFXII and SFIV 2v2 tournament! It’s just $5 towards the pot split (70-20-10) per person per game, so $10 per team on SFIV 2v2.

Games: KOFXII & SFIV 2v2 waseda style
Double elimination

Time: 6pm

Arcade Legends
5951-3 Boymel Dr.
Fairfield, OH 45014

In the Fair Oaks Plaza

Money is split 70/20/10. If there is less than 10 people or teams per game it is split 70/30.

Cost: $10 to get into the arcade which includes ranbats if you come in the afternoon. $5 to play in the KOFXII tournament and $5 per person for SFIV 2v2. If you were only thinking of coming to the KOFXII/SFIV 2v2 tournament, you should come early and play in the ranking battles (SFIV, 3s and HDR). It will cost you nothing extra and you will have the chance to win a prize.
Click here for full details:

SFIV: no bans
3s: Gill is banned
HDR: Remixed Mode. Akuma is not allowed in tournament play.

KOFXII: none yet
SFIV 2v2: WASEDA STYLE - In a match, player 1 from Team A plays player 1 from Team B. Then player 2 from Team A plays player 2 from Team B. If one team wins both games, the match is over. If players from different teams win, then the winners of each of the previous two games play, and the winner of that game wins the match.
No same character teams. You must keep the same character throught the tournament.

Can’t wait to show off my newly modded HRAP 2 for 3S. I might bring it this Saturday too, just to be fancy.

KOFXII should be a lot of fun.

I’m not sure why a grown man would do this, but it seems like the guy who offered me the SF1 was playing a trick on us. Apparently he gave me a fake phone number as no one there had even heard of him or Street Fighter 1. What’s the point? Why come into an arcade, be a super nice dude, promise them a game and then leave a fake number? How’s that fun and hilarious? Whatever. Maybe he just forgot his number? Doubt it. Who knows, maybe the guy shows up with it. He’s still a jerk if he doesn’t know his own phone number.

So how about KOFXII? Anybody really playing this game? I know a couple serious players but I haven’t heard too much hype yet. I’m guessing the horrible net code issue is causing alot of people not to play much. I guess we’ll see Saturday.

Jesse, I have it, but no net code killed it for me. I think I spent a total of 15 min with the thing.

I wouldn’t be sad to see a different game as the ranbat after tourney. CvS2? :slight_smile: just throwing it out there, don’t want to waste those nice sticks/buttons.

We did CvS2 on Saturday and a whopping 7 played. 4 of them weren’t going to play but did out of pity/charity. I can add a game but what would people ACTUALLY play? I’ve tried some games but really only BB and SFIV get many entrants.

Tell you what Harmon, since you are coming all the way from Cleveland tell me what game you want me to try and run and we’ll see what happens. Can’t hurt to try. If any ranbat will get people out it’s this one so what’s your poison this Saturday?

Yeah I just checked that other thread, 7 people is pathetic. If you’re looking for numbers then you’re right 4 or BB is the way to go. But you just had a tourney for these two last week.

How about a SFIV 2 v 2 tourney? Team tournies are always fun and I’m sure there will be plenty of people there that would be up for more SF4.

That sounds great. Get my feet wet on the team tourneys for the next big one. Is the payout usually the same on team tourneys?

I’ve seen team tournies that have been winner take all, or 70/30 or your standard 70/20/10. It depends on how many teams enter.

Let’s say it’s $10 per team and we do a 70/20/10 payout. If we get 10 teams, 3rd place gets $10 and breaks even. If there’s less then 10 teams I would opt for another payout structure since getting 3rd would be pointless, you don’t even break even.

Another thing about a team tourney is what type of format you want. There’s the standard “pokemon” elimination style, but there’s also waseda style.

If I can get a ride I’ll play KOF12.

Gotta say, I’m diggin the KOFXII myself. I’m working during ranbats, and only have KOFXII + Stick on 360, so ps3 only kinda hurts the cause in my case, but the game itself is solid (and net code is better now, if you get somebody with a good connection its near flawless).

Added the WASEDA style rules for the 2v2 tourney. I figured everyone would like this better so everyone gets a chance to play.

oh bejeezus i wanna do teams! But i’m not sure I can make it. NOOOOOOOO

make it!

I wish I could. I don’t have a ride there, even though I’ll only a few miles away at a friends house… playing sf4, hdr and all that other good stuff :confused:

I can’t come :frowning:

Teams would be sooooo fun. I hope you do it again sometime.

I should be here as long as this starts after like 4 or 5 in the afternoon! SFIV here I come! I’ll check out the stuff for KOFXII, I have never played it, but I don’t think I’ll enter.

Also, I have fallen in love with CvS2. I suck at it but if anyone is running another CvS2 tournament ever, I am in this. You best believe.

It will definitely start after 5. 6pm at the earliest in fact so you are good to go (or come).

I am in this, just gotta pick a teammate!

Teams would be the coolest thing ever (Hint: You should probably do it more often…) but unfortunately, I will be unable to make it D:

— BTW this is Voulkan (forgot to log out)

Wow Steven you really want us to know you aren’t coming. You sure you aren’t coming? We can probably arrange a ride if that’s all that’s holding you back. There’s plenty of nice SRK folk who’d drive a couple minutes up the road to get you.

We will for sure have another teams tourney at our next big tournament and probably before then after the September ranbat for SFIV, 3s & HDR.