Arcade Legends MvC2 arcade & 3rd STRIKE ranbat after party **7-25-09** Cincinnati, OH


Come for the ranbat, stay for SFIII: 3rd Strike and Marvel vs Capcom 2 arcade tournament! It’s just $5 towards the pot split for each game you choose to play (70-20-10). I know you guys won’t have alot of time with the game before the tournament but that could level the playing field a bit.

Games: MvC2 arcade & SFIII: 3rd Strike (keep it alive!)
Double elimination

Time: 5pm - MvC2
6pm - 3s

Arcade Legends
5951-3 Boymel Dr.
Fairfield, OH 45014

In the Fair Oaks Plaza

Cost: $10 to get into the arcade + $5 towards the pot for each game you play. If you were only thinking of coming to the MvC2 & 3s tournament, you should come early and play in the ranking battles (BlazBlue and GGAC+). It will cost you nothing extra and you will have the chance to win a prize.
Click here for full details:

3s: Gill is not allowed in tournament play.


Even with my martial arts seminar keeping me from the ranbats, I think I can still make it for KOFXII and 3S. I get out of my martial arts seminar around 4ish. So who knows, I might feel up to driving down and playing.

I’d probably leave a bit early to get some sleep for the second day of the martial arts seminar, but I really shouldn’t miss this tourney. Good stuff, Jesse :slight_smile:


I’m so there.

Also it’s rumored that KOF XII is pushed back to the week after this FYI but I’ll keep my fingers crossed.

Could we do another SNK ranbat (or maybe a few smaller ones, I can supply a few games on MVS or 360/PS2 whatever) if that happens?


Im down , I can supply stuff. Just let me know


WTB Twinkle Stars Sprites RanBat. So sad I sold my MVS cart. =(


Yay 3s – we’re still planning on being there. Will 3s be played in the Marvel Closet or on the tables to the left of the big screen?


If KOFXII is pushed, we can run some other SNK goodness. Maybe some GAROU?

Does anyone know if there are characters that will need unlocked for KOFXII?

3s will be on the CRT’s in the back room. KOF will be on the big screen and the table next to it. We can use the newly-christened Marvel Closet if necessary.

Who would like to volunteer any of these items? Full setups get free admission. Discounted admission for game only. If you can supply the PS2, PS3 and all 3 games I’ll throw in some drinks or snacks or even a pack of Garbage Pail Kids! I’ll put your SRK name next to the items on the list once they are claimed.

  1. PS3 system with BB (must be coming early for ranbat) - BlueNu
  2. BB game only PS3 (must be coming early for ranbat) -
  3. PS2 system with GGAC+ (for ranbat) -

I’m also in need of a couple small tables for the CRT’s in the back. The ones I have are not made to hold tv’s as is evident by the collapsing action during the 3s ranbat. If anyone has one they would like to donate or sell us at a reasonable price, please let me know. It doesn’t have to be pretty, just fairly small and low to the ground. Thanks


I’ll bring my Playstation 2 + 3, but I don’t think if we can be there by 12:30, so I’ll bring my games/gear in case you need it for later tourney/casuals/anything. I have some tables at home but I don’t think I can fit them in the car w/ 3 passengers :stuck_out_tongue:

We might be able to get there early cos my friend really likes BB – I’ll post when I can confirm what’s going up here


Well it looks like KOFXII is now officially coming out on July 28th so my plans are foiled :lame:

What other SNK game would you all be interested in playing? I know GAROU is available for download.

How about an SNES NBA Jam tournament?


Mortal kombaaaaaaat

Or a Pinball tourney? NBA Jam is a pretty long game. I guess you could try with timer on fastest though, or just do 2 quarters or something


Pinball tourney could be even longer depending on your skill level. I’ve played JP for half an hour on one game.

Which MK? II on the arcade? Would anyone else play MK? I know there is a regular that missed the last one who wants some good competition.


I would love another MK II tourney but I don’t think many people going who enter. Yeah, Pinball does take forever.

Cyberbots? Would be kinda fun as a joke


Marvel tourney on the showcase? I’ll bring my PS3 + BB for the tourney.


I do like that idea. I think we could start it at 5pm since it would take a while with just the one cab. We could have an xbox360 setup just in case we get alot of entries. It is decided.

I’ve got you down for the PS3 and BB. Thanks John


I’ll bring a DC + converters, in case. But yeah, I really like the idea of a Marvel showcase tourney. Too awesome


Even Josh Queen said the sticks and buttons were nice so I think everyone will be happy with how it plays now.