Arcade Legends OLD SCHOOL ONSLAUGHT: RAINBOW EDITION results 3-27-10

Thanks to everyone who came out and made OSO a blast. KART FIGHTER will be hard to top for a Grand Finals game. Fall edition will happen after the move. Sad to see Columbus couldn’t make it but a local player finally won an old school tournament! Good to see a couple new worthy opponents joining the community (SoCal and Tewl). Now the results:

1: FaceMeAndBeBroken (Power Rangers, Xena: Talisman of Fate, Justice League, Marvel SH vs SF, Primal Rage, Kart Fighter)
2: Skeez (Xena: Talisman of Fate, Fighting Masters, Marvel SH vs SF, Blood Warrior, Kart Fighter)
3: RedCyclone (Tekken, Super Gem Fighter, Street Fighter EX+A, Fighting Vipers, Marvel SH vs SF, DragonBall Z Super Battle 2, Fatal Fury Special)
4: King Chadwick (Plasma Sword, Last Bronx, Power Rangers, DragonBall Z Super Battle 2,
5: DariusStewart (Plasma Sword, Breakers Revenge, Bushido Blade 2, Street Fighter The Movie)
5: Servo (Bio Freaks, Bushido Blade 2, Marvel SH vs SF, Primal Rage)
7: ailerus (Kabuki Klash, Justice League, Street Fighter The Movie, Martial Masters)
7: Derrick Legend (Last Bronx, Golden Axe The Duel, Virtua Fighter Kids, Fighting Vipers)
9: Osirun (Breakers Revenge, Virtua Fighter Kids, Power Instinct Legends)
9: TheRealKT (Tekken, Martial Masters, Blood Warrior)
9: DaddyNeptune (Bio Freaks, Golden Axe The Duel)
9: Arkayne (Street Fighter EX+A, Dragoon Might, Primal Rage)
13: Sparazza (Power Instinct Legends,
13: Ryerson (Kabuki Klash, Dragoon Might)
13: Actionhank (Fighting Masters, Fatal Fury Special)

SFIV 2v2 random partner selection:
1: Dynasty Warriors (Carter/Derrick Legend)
2: Skeez Sucks (Actionhank/Skeez)
3: Shadaloo (neon geon/SoCal)
4: Skate or Die (Tewl/ailerus)
5: The Jetsons (Osirun/Servo)
5: Pediatric Associates of Fairfield (Arkayne/King Chadwick)

Samurai Kirby:

  1. 13 year old kid
  2. Anchor

Mexican food:

  1. Anchor
  2. Acapulco

Good times, DEATH TO FIGHTING MASTERS. I hope the producers of that game are rotting in hell for that pile. Had fun hanging out at the Back Porch when it was all said and done, we should do it again some time.


I’m missing the match between Stephon and Angelo. Anyone know what game they played?

Umm…I didn’t play Power Rangers. I played Plasma Sword. I played the first Bushido Blade too.

I’m going by what Amanda wrote on the cards. I do know it was Bushido Blade 2. Unless someone slipped in their own copy of the first one. Maybe she forgot who you were Darius? It looks like she got you and Diego mixed up

The game you are missing for me that I played is Super Gem Fighter or whatever.

I could be wrong. Either way it went, the match would still be quicker than the time it took to load the game. This tournament was fun though. I’m always down for stuff like this. Old school will always be the best school to me.

You had better belive it, he quit DURING the 3rd match, LOL

I am sure they would happily get you a lifetime supply of Morton’s. Dizzy loop is soooooooooooooooooooooooo dumb.

Death to Xena… pure fucking garbage. And Kart Fighter… no comment.

Anyway, I look forward to the next one. I have some game ideas Jessie if you don’t mind hearing them.

I’m always looking for ways to make tournaments and events better. As long as I can afford it or it can be supplied by you guys, I’ll try to make it happen.

Kart Fighter GFs will be up on MidwestFightingGames soon. Watch it for the lolz?

SFIV Random Partner 2v2 GFs will also be up . . . also watch it for the lolz??

Anyway, good times were had, and I can’t wait for the next OSO! Gotta step up my TvC Alex game too. He’s too much fun to play, so gotta keep learning how to get in with him. I probably won’t be able to make another bigger AL tourney until the PU2010 qualifiers : (

OSO was awesome event had loads of fun with all games played and hangin out with everyone thanks for the event Jesse looking foward to next one.