Arcade Legends OLD SCHOOL ONSLAUGHT: RAINBOW EDITION + SFIV 3v3 *3-27-2010* Cincy, OH

The soon to be legendary OLD SCHOOL ONSLAUGHT series at Arcade Legends continues with RAINBOW EDITION. This tournament will feature fighting games of yore, some lost gems, forgotten garbage and underplayed classics. I’m compiling a list of games below. This is what I DEFINITELY have in hand or promised to be in hand so far. If you plan to come and have some games that fit the program, post up here or PM me. If you end up not being able to come, please let me know ASAP so I can remove those games from the list.

We are also having a STREET FIGHTER IV 3v3 and TvC 2v2 random partners selection tournament! Details below.

Side tournies are welcome and encouraged. I heard some BUST-A-GROOVE talk the other day. Post up some ideas and a couple that get the best response will be added to the days events.



DATE: March 27th, 2010

TIME: - OSO:RE starts at 1pm. 70/20/10 pot split
-----------------SFIV 3v3 random partners selection is at 7pm. $3 entry. 70/30 split. Played on PS3. If there’s less than 15 people entering, we will do a 2v2 instead. RULES: Double Elim. Pokemon style. You must keep the same character throughout the tournament. You are allowed to switch the order you play in but you have to decide that before the match starts. No switching mid-match when you see who your opponent is.
-----------------TvC 2v2 random partner selection is at 8pm. $2 entry. 70/30 split. Wii of course. Same rules as SFIV team tourney.
-----------------Bust-a-Groove starts at at time TBA. $2 entry. Winner takes all. Rules TBA

Arcade Legends
5951-3 Boymel Dr
Fairfield, OH 45014

$8 venue (includes FREE PLAY all day on our 50+ arcade machines)
$7 to enter the OSO tournament
$3 for the SFIV 3v3
$2 for the TvC 2v2

One person for each match will randomly pick a card that has the game to be played written on it. Best 3 out 5 for each game including all finals. That’ll give you a few matches to get good at the game quickly. No character is banned. If you know enough about any of these games to infinite someone, you deserve to win. Double Elimination. The pot will be split 70/20/10 & there will a rad prize for the winner! You can bring your own controller if you have one for these systems, but we will have pads available and some sticks. I can confirm 2 fight sticks for the SEGA GENESIS! I’m sure people will have PS1/2 sticks also. A few of the games will be on arcade machines. Keeping with OSO tradition, the FINAL MATCH will be on a game that very few, if any, of you guys have seen or played so the playing field will be level.

GAMES (running list): Please post or PM me if you can supply any other games
Golden Axe Duel - Darius
Galaxy Fight- Darius
Fighters Mega Mix - Darius
World Heroes - Darius
Guardian Heroes - Darius
Wu-Tang Shaolin - Darius
Clay Fighters - Darius
Star Gladiator - AL
Evil Zone - AL
TMNT Tournament Fighters - AL
Power Rangers - AL
Cyberbots - AL
Justice League - AL
Bushido Blade 2 - AL
Virtua Fighter Kids - Rickster
Last Bronx - Rickster
Super Gem Fighter - AL
Street Fighter: The Movie - AL (Saturn) and Neon Geon (PS1)
Plasma Sword - Neon Geon
Street Fighter II: Rainbow Edition - AL
Fighting Vipers - Darius?
Shaq Fu - AL
Art of Fighting 2 - AL
Kabuki Klash - AL
Bloody Roar - norfair
Rival Schools - ActionHank
Star Wars: Masters of Teras Kasi - Servo
Bio Freaks - AL
Slaughter Sport - AL
Xena: Warrior princess - The Talisman of Fate - AL
Tao Feng: Fist of the Lotus - AL
Cardinal Syn - DR4GO
Fight Club - AL
Gundam Battle Assault - Osirun
Breakers Revenge - AL
Ehrgeiz - ActionHank
X-Men: COTA - AL
Battle Arena Toshinden - LordCocoIchi
Martial Masters - AL
Tekken 1 - Skeez
Eternal Champions: Challenge from the Darkside - DR4GO
Fighting Masters - AL
Power Instinct 3 - AL
DragonBall Z - Super Battle - AL
Dragoon Might - AL
Blood Warrior - AL
Primal Rage - AL

Brush up those button mashing skills!!

World heroes and AoF 2?

Oh man, I’m in.

haha how about plasma sword for dc…i want ppl to suffer

If you’ve got it and you’ll bring iot, I’ll add it.

I’ve got Japanese copies of Star Gladiator, Battle Arena Toshinden, Rival Schools, Tobal, and Erghiez if interested. My PS3 is Japanese so I could send that out if you wanna play them. I’ll see if I can get the time off.


I was going to beg you guys to run something on this date because I gotta get out of the house that weekend, so I’m going to be there for sure.

I may be able to bring and donate some Neo fighting games to run on the cabinet.

I’ll let you know Damon. Thanks for the offer

If you have Breakers Revenge you’d be my hero. How about Voltage Fighter Gowcaizer?

do you need my dc too or just my copy of the game im not sure if ill actually make it but id be more than happy to loan my copy for the tourny

june ftw fuck ele

TMNT? Shaq Fu? AND Clayfighter.

Jesse which version of clay fighter and TMNT?

SNES for both

Rival Schools… oh and yeah Fighters Megamix for the Saturn… I want to pwn with Janet… ‘reload…reload’


I have a copy of Rival Schools, and Ehrgeiz, and Bloody Roar. I can dig through my SNES games too, although I’m pretty sure I don’t have any 2-player gems.

Dude I know a dude who was the shit at the first bloody roar.

I will come to this for sure. We should do a samurai Kirby tournament I put 10 dollars in to sweeten the pot.

I defrinitely want BLOODY ROAR and RIVAL SCHOOLS so I’ll add those. Thanks Adam.

How about Tekken 1?

I have Tekken 3 if anyone wants to play that mess.

I have both Gundam Battle Assaults for the PS1. Oh, and Dragonball GT: Final Bout, which is basically unplayable to any modern gamer.

Guess I’ll start unlocking characters…or use codes for the games you need.

I am told that this game is pretty fantastic and i think i could secure a copy by march.

I was actually looking for one of those also. If you get one, post it up.

Also i forgot that i know i have a copy of Star Wars: Masters of Ters Ksi somewhere.